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Better, Faster, Cheaper: The Rewards of Document Generation and Automation

It’s hard to believe that Dreamforce is just around the corner. Once again, Nintex is excited to sponsor the annual event. We plan to connect with as many attendees as possible who visit the Customer Success Expo, one of our speaking sessions, or one of the many networking events.

Regardless of where we connect in San Francisco, one topic we’d love to share is why automating documents dramatically improves the economics of document creation and sharing.

To understand how, let’s take a step back. Way back.

Almost 200 years ago an economist named William Jevons theorized that as resources become cheaper, they get used more. Today, Jevons might have sited solar energy as an example. Less expensive energy doesn’t result in static consumption, it incents people to turn their thermostats down in the summer and up in the winter.

Perhaps Jevons’ premise explains what happened to business documents in the late 1990s and early 2000s. During this era, the cost of digital document storage began to plummet. Uncoincidentally, the number of documents created began to explode, while the number of documents that were printed and physically filed drastically declined.

The race was on for businesses to make full use of the cheaper resource.

Now, organizations across the globe are producing more data and digital documents than ever. But there’s still a problem that cloud storage does not address: The time-consuming process it takes to create, file, route, and store these digital documents.

Critical functions like sales and customer service can only move as fast as the documents upon which their success depends.

Documents have once again become an impediment to businesses. Which bring us to document automation.

Traditional methods of creating and sharing documents like customer proposals and statements of work are highly inefficient, costly, and prone to error. They are created manually, poorly controlled, and do not easily leverage data included in CRM and other systems.

Intelligently automating these document processes solves these issues by significantly reducing the time and expense anchored to every document.

Your Sales Team, Unrestricted

As I’ll discuss in my session, 5 Tactics to Double Your Sales Team (without adding headcount), sales organizations are excellent candidates for document automation.

On average, sales reps spend 64 percent of their time on administrative tasks, many of which are directly tied to document-centric processes like contract creation and approvals.

By automating documents with tools such as Nintex DocGen®, Advanced Workflow, and Modern Forms, sales reps are no longer restricted by the speed with which documents can be created and shared. They can focus on what they do best: identifying, nurturing and closing deals.

As part of your Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) portfolio, document automation can increase a sales team’s capacity to work more deals simultaneously, enable deals to progress more quickly, enhance close rates, and deliver better customer experiences.

Similar benefits can be found within every department across an organization, including customer service, marketing, legal, finance, HR, and beyond. Automating even a small percentage of document creation and sharing is a simple way to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage.


Better. Faster. Cheaper. With Nintex, all three are possible. See you at Dreamforce!



Matthew Hutchison

For over 25 years, Matthew Hutchison has been helping organizations realize the rewards of digital transformation through technology and process innovation. Matthew is especially passionate about technology’s role in driving operational efficiency, improving collaboration, and delivering optimal customer and employee experiences. Prior to joining Nintex, Matthew held a variety of marketing leadership roles for organizations ranging from start-ups to industry leaders.

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