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The benefits of RPA and eSignature with Nintex Workflows

During this year’s Nintex World Tour, we’ve shared some exciting new capabilities to the Nintex Platform, providing businesses with more ways to manage and improve their processes on a holistic scale. You can read our recap of the Nintex World Tour 2019 here.

In this post, we detail two new solutions recently added to the Nintex Platform that improve how users automate and interact with processes: e-signature and robotic process automation (RPA).


Signatures have always conjured up images of putting pen to paper. But like all things in the modern workplace, signatures are adapting to the digital era. This is because, like most paper-based processes, they create inefficiencies.

As many as one-third of business leaders cite problems with paper-based signatures like incorrect information, missing signatures, issues and delays in sending and routing documents, or documents being signed by the wrong person.

Adobe was among the first to solve these problems with e-signature technology, which revolutionized how we approve documents online. Since then, it’s become the preferred e-signature solution for Microsoft technologies (Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365), and a top-rated solution on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Adobe’s long-standing experience in the e-signature market allows them to successfully manage complicated regulations around electronic signatures in industries like finance, legal, and healthcare. It’s in these industries that many Nintex customers operate; the success of Adobe highlighted a clear opportunity for Nintex to strengthen our partnership with Adobe to develop a deep, seamless integration with Adobe Sign in the Nintex Platform.

Nintex Sign®, powered by Adobe Sign, brings electronic signatures and automated workflows together. End-users can ensure signatures meet any and all industry and regulatory requirements. Creating an e-signature task within an automated workflow is as simple as dragging the action onto your Nintex designer canvas, where you can:

  • Access documents from any device for flexibility in how and when your documents are processed.
  • Track documents across multiple stages of your processes.
  • Access an audit trail through automatic document routing.

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Robotic Process Automation

Microsoft’s transition from a leading on-premises software vendor to a leading enterprise cloud provider is one of the most successful business transformations in recent memory. But other organizations haven’t had the infrastructure, finances, or planning in place to shift smoothly to the cloud and digitally transform their businesses.

Even if organizations have the latest technology, the processes themselves often remain in legacy systems, which means that employees still need to rely on manual work to complete repetitive administrative tasks. Robot process automation (RPA) can remove the need for workers to spend their time on manual tasks like copy-and-pasting information from old documents into new ones.

With Nintex’s recent acquisition of Nintex RPA, we can now extend the reach of the Nintex Platform more than ever before. Whether your business processes reside in SharePoint, Office 365, Box, or legacy IT systems, RPA makes it easier for users to complete processes within the applications they are used to.

We are always looking for software and solutions that make the Nintex Platform easier to use.

Nintex RPA does just that. It has an intuitive, design-driven user interface, making it a perfect fit for the Nintex Platform. Together, Nintex and Nintex RPA provide the fastest time-to-value when it comes to robotic process automation, and we’re excited to see how far we can push the technology in the future.

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The case for adoption with new technology

With the addition of e-signature and RPA capabilities, the Nintex Platform continues to grow, offering line of business workers more opportunities to manage, automate, and optimize their processes.

But the hard truth is that, by implementing process automation into existing business processes, there is a risk that these processes are built the wrong way. If end-users don’t have the knowledge of how their processes work and how they can be most effective, they can end up implementing new technology to automate inefficient processes – which quickly fails to provide value.

That’s why our acquisition of Nintex Promapp® last year was so important. Process mapping plays a huge part in the adoption of new technologies; allowing workers to improve visibility over processes by documenting and improving each one.

Process mapping transforms dated methods of mapping and managing processes, which traditionally would have been created in Visio, SharePoint, or on paper. Promapp® creates clean and simple process maps that any user can access and share.

Process mapping opens up processes to every member of the business, allowing for teams to provide feedback on how that process should run. It also establishes and maintains governance. Administrators can restrict the viewing and editing of processes to select users and add approvals to new processes.

With Promapp®, businesses can freely collaborate on processes to extend the understanding of the type of work that is done, by whom, and on what technology. From there, you can create a process center of excellence: train existing users on new technology and train new users on existing technology.

Once team members have collaborated on how their process works, they can identify the best opportunities for applying automation and other new technologies.


To discover the ways in which capabilities like e-signature and RPA can transform your business, get in touch with us. For more information on how Nintex Promapp® can help you start documenting, managing, and understanding your business processes, try a free demo.


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