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The benefits of automating customer onboarding

Making a good first impression is crucial for an organization of any size. In fact, in a market that is becoming increasingly focused on customer experience, the first impression is becoming a key factor for everyone to consider. On average, experience-driven businesses see double the annual growth and customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and customer lifetime value than those who don’t prioritize it.

Start how you mean to go on

A good customer relationship should always start with an onboarding process that is simple, straightforward, and informative. The challenge, of course, is that there is often a lot of information you need to hand off to the customer without overwhelming them or taking too much time out of their busy day.

Customer onboarding can be a time consuming and complicated process for your employees. Thankfully, by automating customer onboarding you can take the strain off your team, reduce errors, and speed up the process – so you have time to turn new customers into loyal ones.

How automating customer onboarding can impact client success

We live in a world of instant gratification and immediacy in almost everything we do. That means your customers are going to expect a process that works for them right from the start. If they have to put in too much work, they might start to lose patience and put off some of the onboarding for later on. But by using powerful automation tools, you can cut down on admin and paperwork for your team, and also improve the experience for your new customer.

And it’s worth the initial effort to implement it, too. A Wyzowl report found that 63% of customers consider the company’s onboarding program when making a purchasing decision. That’s a hefty chunk of potential customers that expect a streamlined process.

Here are some of the ways that automating customer onboarding benefits you and your customers:

Faster, simpler onboarding

Ease of use is one of the most important things to consider for your onboarding process. You want customers to glide through the process smoothly, rather than having to work through a confusing welcome pack.

An automated process walks your new customer through each stage: signing on the dotted line, opting them into your communications, sending welcome packs, tutorials and walkthroughs, and finally dealing with any support queries they may have.

This process is entirely adaptable to your business, too. You can include update notifications or send a first invoice if you’re a SaaS company. Perhaps you want to collect testimonials and create case studies at the end of the onboarding process? Automation tools can help you bring it all together.

Take the pressure off

By automating most of the process, you’re giving your onboarding team room to breathe and deal with troubleshooting issues with 100% commitment. This allows them the time to be more thorough in their work and even be creative – asking questions of your product and how you can better serve your customers.

After all, few people in your organization will know your customers’ pet peeves as well as the customer experience team. Freeing up their time allows you to have more conversations about what you can do to improve the process even further.

No more mistakes

A missed digit or a misspelt name can really take the shine off a shiny new product, especially when you are promised a professional and personalized service. Automating document creation removes the element of human error from the process, so everything that gets sent out is accurate and up to date.

Get paid quicker

Automated onboarding also means that your finance team doesn’t need to be inundated with invoice requests. Bypass them and have invoices created automatically, cutting out a swathe of unneeded work on their part.

Getting this process moving a little quicker will also please your customers. Nobody likes parting with money, so don’t draw out the process! This also helps to speed the process up, and with 66% of adults now believing that valuing their time is the most important thing for good online customer experience, that’s a good thing.

Empowering your customers

By automating customer onboarding, you are essentially giving the customer the reins. Automation tools often allow you to create personalized processes for different kinds of customer, or to give them the choice on how much or how little information and support they want to receive during the process.

For example, a tech-literate IT manager of a SaaS company will want to see entirely different onboarding materials than a less tech-literate bank manager might. They’ll also expect to receive totally different support.

Allow the customer to make that call, or to customize their experience the way they want it. This immediately gives the impression that you care about their experience and that you want it to be as useful as possible for them.

All aboard with Nintex

If you’d like to find out more about automation with Nintex, and how you can use it to make your customer onboarding process more efficient, watch this webinar on customer onboarding using Nintex K2, Nintex Promapp® and Microsoft Power Apps.

We cover digitizing your vendor onboarding process and streamlining your customer onboarding experience – giving you the knowledge you need to introduce automation to take your organization to the next level.



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