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The benefits of automated onboarding processes for remote workforces

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations around the world already built strong remote components to their workforces. Some have gone as far as to set up full-remote teams or entire regional bases – “offices without the office”. However, crucial processes such as onboarding staff may be held back by a reliance on processes that are bound to paper documents, manual tasks, and face-to-face interaction.

In this article, we’ll explore how to remove these restrictions and create new automated onboarding processes that enable you to build and support a truly successful remote workforce.

What’s holding businesses back?

Let’s imagine you’ve just hired a new team member who will be working remotely, eight hours a day, five days a week. Maybe they’re located in another state, or even another country, so they can’t visit their nearest office regularly – if at all.

This person was head and shoulders above the other candidates in terms of expertise, career history, and achievements. But if you can’t guarantee that their first experiences in their new role are satisfactory, you risk wasting your new talent and may even result in them rethinking their decision.

This perceived inability to properly support remote workers may be why organizations are still reluctant to commit themselves to a remote workforce. But in doing so, they’re also losing out on all the talent out there that is committed to working remotely – either through preference or necessity.

Why automated onboarding processes are crucial

Employee onboarding is a pivotal time for your organization to show what you’re made of. And not only is it crucial to the first impression you create, but it has other lasting impacts.

The slower and poorer your onboarding processes, the longer it takes until an employee can start delivering value for your organization. Furthermore, if mistakes are made or information is missed out at this stage, it can stop your new hire from achieving their full potential.

So, onboarding is something you must get right first time because you don’t get a second shot. If you automate employee onboarding, you can guarantee the best outcomes for all parties.

Get some help with the documentation

New employees receive a range of documentation during their first week, such as welcome letters, contracts, or the staff handbook. Compiling and providing a set of these documents—complete and error free—can require the attention of a range of employees, including HR and line managers.

Document generation technology takes away the hard work and ensures accuracy. Using your own pre-set templates and the data stored in your systems, you can now auto-generate perfect documents. Then you can route them to new employees electronically, in a few clicks or automatically.

If you’d like to see how Nintex can help you automate employee onboarding, why not request a live demo .

Digitize collecting information and signatures

New employees sign forms and contracts before they get started. When work was office-based, it was simple enough. But when your new hire (and perhaps other stakeholders) aren’t in the same building, it’s a different ballgame. Documents are mailed, received, signed, mailed back, filed… which can take days or even weeks, depending on the distances and carriers involved. Alternatively, they could be printed, signed, scanned, emailed, etc. That may be preferable but it’s still manual in many ways. But what if there’s another way?

By using digital forms and eSignature technology, you can streamline how information and signatures are collected. Data can be automatically checked and validated when it’s entered – so personal information is stored accurately and securely. When electronic signatures are provided, they’re entered into PDFs or other documents which can then be instantly emailed to the relevant people – instead of having to wait for paper documents to arrive in the mail.

And, what’s more, electronic signatures are accepted as legally valid throughout the USA. This means organizations don’t have to be concerned about these “not being worth the paper they’re written on”.

Expedite access/equipment provisioning

Before new starters can begin working, they need to be provided with access to the systems and data they need to do their jobs. This may also include equipment, if you’re providing a new employee with a high-spec computer for demanding CAD software, for instance. Provisioning can be a highly bureaucratic process – in the worst-case scenario, it involves paper forms that need to be filled out, checked, and approved.

However, with workflow automation, requests and approval processes can be digitized and expedited seamlessly. Using just a few clicks, employees or their managers can make requests for access or equipment, and IT staff or others are alerted and prompted for review. Approval can be granted in just a few more clicks, and the requestee notified automatically. Much quicker and easier.

Automate employee onboarding with Nintex

Automated onboarding processes are crucial for organizations hoping to improve the remote working experience for their employees. The Nintex platform offers a wide range of process automation solutions, so that organizations can tackle every stage of the onboarding process and beyond. With so much at stake, let Nintex do the onboarding legwork for you.



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