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Behind the Scenes of the new Nintex Analytics

The Nintex Product team continues to innovate our Nintex Analytics ­capabilities, and we are excited to share some of the latest enhancements.

The needs of our users have always dictated how we prioritize our Nintex Platform roadmap. To gain actionable feedback and direction for this product update, we conducted in-depth research to understand our users’ most pressing pain points using our older analytics tool, Nintex Analytics.

In the latest version of Nintex Analytics, we strived to provide better insights into how our customers utilized their Nintex investments. The new dashboard presents data in a more digestible and visual way so you can easily understand how the Nintex Platform is performing in your organization. We focused on building a strong foundation to rapidly expand beyond just workflow, so you can easily integrate other parts of the Nintex Platform.

What changes were made to Nintex Analytics?

In the latest version of Nintex Analytics, we focused on four main points to improve the user experience.

1. Data accuracy

We rebuilt our data infrastructure and back-end engine to ensure that the data sent from your products is 100% accurate. In the new portal, the displayed data is near real-time, which allows you to see how your workflows are performing and helps you make data-driven decisions to optimize your environments.

2. Enhanced performance

The portal is built on a scalable infrastructure, which ensures faster performance and quicker visualization display on your dashboard and widgets, and provides deeper insights across your Nintex instance.

3. A new dashboard

Our new dashboard presents data in a way that any user can understand. We configured intuitive visualizations to communicate your data – including insights on billing information, inventory information, workflow performance and usage, instance status, and more. From the overview dash, you can then drill-down into each workflow, instance, action and task.

4. Error reporting

We built a widget where users can see all failed instances in one place. With direct integration into Nintex Workflow Cloud, users can link directly from Nintex Analytics into the r instance they see the error in.

What’s in store for Nintex Analytics

Looking to the future, we plan to make your data even more powerful across the Nintex Platform. One of our goals is to ingest and visualize data across the platform – Nintex Workflow, Nintex Promapp®, Nintex DocGen®, and Nintex RPA.

Some of the changes you might see in the future include:

1. Pulses and alerts

This feature will allow you to set alerts that monitor custom thresholds you set. Nintex Analytics will notify you through your preferred channel of communication if those thresholds are met.

2. ROI calculator

We want users to be able to visualize the impact of their Nintex investment on their business. With this feature, users can analyze how many person-hours or dollars a workflow has saved your business.

3. Machine learning

Predictive analysis and anomaly detection are exciting new areas that we will explore with Nintex Analytics. In the future, we will be able to aggregate your data, provide relevant recommendations, predict trends, and provide forecasting to help with loss prevention efforts.

If you’re interested in experiencing the latest data analytics innovations and see them in action, sign up for Automate Faster & Smarter with Nintex Workflow Cloud, an on-demand webinar series.



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Cheyanne Ong

Cheyanne is a Product Manager at Nintex based out of Australia.

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