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What beer brewing and process management have in common

The finer things in life take time, care and commitment. Like mapping engaging business processes. And brewing beer.

In honor of International Beer Day, celebrated across the globe on Friday, August 3rd, we captured a process to help you achieve the best brew of your own.

business process management

While we planned, mapped and refined the steps, the similarities between process improvement and beer brewing became more and more apparent:

  • Invest time. Some things can’t be rushed. It’s possible to see results quickly, but shortcuts can trip you up in the long run.
  • Inject passion. Revert to the real experts – get your front line people involved. They’re the ones who understand the processes best and use them every day, so they’ll be most invested in them.
  • Take care. Be intentional about what you want to achieve, and collaborate with others who are as interested as you are in a great outcome.
  • Equipment. Support your teams with the right tools, so they can do the best job possible.
  • Make a start. Don’t wait. Do something today and prepare to adjust your course as you go if a particular approach doesn’t work.

These five steps will make a difference to the results of your favorite brew and could set you up for business success, too.

Organizations that start using Nintex Promapp® to map and manage their business processes find it as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot day!



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