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Battling the Coronavirus Pandemic – Kryon’s Full-Cycle RPA Solution is on the Front Lines

In battling the Coronavirus pandemic, life-saving and life-enhancing processes are required across many industries. Let me share with you our new reality.

Last weekend, we received an urgent request from Maccabi Healthcare Services – Israel’s largest healthcare provider – to automate the integration of COVID-19 test results with its core system.

Here’s why they needed help: As the number of COVID-19 tests being performed by Israel’s Ministry of Health continues to increase exponentially, Maccabi was under great pressure to transfer lab results to its system at record speed so that the public could be informed, i.e., so that patients who tested positive could be identified and isolated as soon as possible.

Maccabi is one of Israel’s largest non-profit health maintenance organizations (HMOs) with 2.4 million members. Twice daily, the Ministry of Health delivers detailed files with confidential test results of Maccabi patients, but the manual uploading of these documents was creating weeks-long backlogs

It was essential that Maccabi replace its manual data integration processes with a large-scale data RPA process that would support the rapid online uploading of critical and sensitive data. Otherwise, there was no way the HMO could keep up with integrating the growing number of test results it was receiving from Israel’s Ministry of Health.

Kryon’s global team – working around the clock together with the dedicated Maccabi staff and the team at Israel’s Ministry of Health –  managed to develop and implement an RPA-based solution in less than 48 hours. Just for comparison’s sake, this is a process that would have taken Maccabi’s team 1-2 months to create without automation. The solution dramatically expedited the HMO’s ability to handle COVID-19 testing.

By providing a system that facilitates the rapid online uploading of critical and sensitive data, Maccabi can now efficiently and promptly treat and hence save the lives of hundreds of coronavirus patients.

You can read the press release here and watch the interview with Ofir Kadosh, CIO Maccabi Health, Jon Medved, CEO OurCrowd and Harel Tayeb, CEO Kryon here.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this initiative and are currently offering this process free-of-charge to healthcare providers around the globe to improve integrations between private, public, and government testing.

In these times, lifesaving, and life-enhancing processes are required across many industries and we are here to advise, support, develop and install industry-compliant robotic process automation for you quickly, accurately wherever you are.

Reach out now and someone from our Corona Crisis Team will get back to you straight away.


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