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Bank operations managers need not be techies to use and benefit from RPA

Bank operations managers don’t need an IT degree or be a specialist to operate and benefit from robotic process automation software. While some data automation tools may be too abstruse for most bank personnel to use, an open, user-friendly RPA platform designed for operations staff offers many advantages, including greater control, communication, and customization.

Priority: program, not programmer

You don’t need a programming skillset to reap all of the benefits of RPA. Control, as simple as a desktop point and click, should be in the hands of the operations manager. After all, that person and his or her data management employees are the ones who know the workflow and application from performing the responsibilities manually. They shouldn’t have to worry about a programmer interpreting the workflow properly.

Communication is key, but extra interdepartmental steps in the communication chain only serve to slow and/or confuse a bank’s data management processes. Programmers aren’t paid to understand the business side of the equation and shouldn’t be relied on to train a new operations employee either. Also, the operations manager shouldn’t have to hire and manage a programmer to maintain the data scripts. If that programmer leaves the company, there will be no one to change or fix them.

Relying on a vendor for your bank data management or maintenance can be costly — like usage charges and limited applications. The ease of use and broad utility makes for an RPA software tool that essentially feeds off itself. After bank operations employees build confidence with and in the technology, they often find themselves creating solutions to address other database management challenges faced on an everyday basis.

End result based on end-user

RPA has evolved over the last generation from primarily a screen-scraping tool to one incorporating much more logic, but always with the end-user in mind. And that is the bank operations staff. The progression based on that professional means that while RPA technology has been rebuilt and re-engineered over time to continue to integrate the latest applications, the focus remains the same: serving the end-user. That equates to the same convenient operational interface, but with better and broader data automation applications.

An around-the-clock robot, the RPA software can also copy, move and paste data just like a non-techie data entry person would, but at a rate six times faster than the 20 records per minute of a mere human. The epitome of an “easy button,” this automated employee always shows up on time, works nights and weekends, anticipates your needs, and then does the job perfectly every time.

With RPA, a bank’s operations staff enjoys many data automation advantages, including enhanced control, customization, and communication. The operations manager can rewrite and maintain the data transfer script themselves at the end-user level without an IT middle man.



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