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Automation in the age of COVID-19: How 3 governments reimagined workflow in the pandemic

With the onset of COVID-19, many organizations needed to evolve as part of their pandemic management to minimize costly errors. Enterprises have adapted to and discovered new ways to engage with employees and customers to fit the mold of the new COVID norm. This same mentality goes for government organizations.

In a recent webinar, Steve Witt, Nintex Director of Public Sector, showcased three great examples of how government agencies re-engineered their processes to creatively serve their constituents and adapt to the times. And even though they all had different issues that they needed to tackle, the common thread behind them all was that their solutions had to be quickly built, deployed, and ensured to deliver value to the citizens.

Watch the webinar on-demand here.

1. Automating the CARES funding process

In his first case, Witt discussed the importance of providing CARES funding to subsidize citizens who were left unemployed because of COVID-19.

As one could imagine, speed and accuracy of fund distribution are critical in this instance, as the difference of a day could mean a starving child into the night. The agency in question needed a way to quickly validate those who were submitting requests and if approved, cut a check.

Leveraging the Nintex Process Platform, they developed a digital form that is accessible on any device. The form captures the requestor’s personal information and allows them to upload their utility bill for identification purposes. Once submitted, their information is automatically stored in the cloud and validated.

The agency also utilized robotic process automation (RPA) to employ bots that automatically cut a check for distribution.

This solution enabled CARES funding to be quickly and effectively delivered to the citizens, which was critical to minimize any further collateral damage caused by COVID-19. One agency employee was able to quickly build out this solution end-to-end with Nintex’s no- to low-code technology.

2. Eliminating risk with workflow automation and forms

Witt then provided an example where a local county government needed to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to cover more than 4,000 networks of various health facilities. These PPEs are designed to safeguard frontline employees like nurses and doctors, as well as patients who are in their care.

With such a large network of facilities to manage, the local county government was using Excel spreadsheets to manually record inventory, facility intake rate, and other pertinent information. Unsurprisingly, this slow, manual process meant that PPEs were often delivered late and costly errors were made. To quickly turn the ship around, Nintex developed a solution for the agency.

Using Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Forms,  the agency was able to build a simple form for each of the facilities to fill out daily. The information that is entered each day is now automatically routed to a central database to keep track of the number of patients, nurses, beds, and inventory levels of each facility. On the same form, one could also request PPE for immediate distribution.

With all this rich data collected, the agency was able to build a dashboard that visually identifies hotspots and trends.

Not only did this eliminate human errors, but it also created a way to provide just-in-time PPE delivery to facilities in need. Additionally, the agency could use the dashboard to predict where they’ll need to be preparing another batch distribution based on CDC guidelines.

3. Using workflow automation to encourage work-from-home productively

Lastly, Witt presented on City and County of Denver’s Emergency Operations Centers, or EOC, as they needed to find ways to proactively monitor the situation remotely while adhering to social distancing guidelines and work-from-home policies.

To do so, City and County of Denver transformed 65 forms from paper to digital, enabling EOC workers to access and submit important information while remote.

The city also leveraged Nintex Mobile Apps to create a symptom monitoring application for all Denver staff that had to report in-person for work during the pandemic.

Reimaging your workflows in the pandemic

In all three of these cases, the government agencies needed to enable their remote employees to continue serving their constituents. And by capitalizing on the power of workflow automation, they were able to reimagine their processes to provide for those who are dependent on either the funding or the personal protective gear.

The human toll of the pandemic meant that there is no trial-and-error allowed; any error would be too great to bear. With quick haste, these agencies utilized Nintex to deliver solutions that were easy to use and quick to deploy — ultimately making a difference in how COVID-19 was managed in each of their jurisdictions.

To watch the on-demand webinar, click here.



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