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Automation in Retail: Streamline the Processes Behind Customer Experience

Year over year figures suggest 2018 was a good year for the retail industry on the whole, driven by the success of online giants like Amazon, who put customer experience at the forefront of everything they do. Yet for many retail businesses, the picture may be quite different. Retail remains as highly competitive as ever. And many businesses, especially traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, struggle to keep pace with changing customer expectations and the continued rise of e-commerce.

With analysts predicting the same positive outlook for 2019 – some forecasts suggest total retail sales will grow 3.3 percent and that e-commerce sales will grow by 15.1 percent – retail businesses must stay on top of the latest trends to share in this success. Only businesses that meet continued shifts in customer expectations will find success in the year to come.

Retail businesses must find new ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide better customer experience if they are going to survive in such a highly competitive industry. Process automation in retail can play a significant role in helping organizations digitally transform and make a greater impact.

How customer expectations are changing

Today, consumers expect more from their favorite brands, and are happy to switch to competitors that offer them a better customer experience. If retail businesses want to add value, build trust, and win loyalty, they must focus on meeting their customers’ changing needs.

It’s no secret that brick and mortar retail stores face considerable challenges with the rise of e-commerce. However, many organizations find that their physical stores still have a role to play in building brand awareness, loyalty, and providing in-store experiences that complement and enhance online shopping.

Social media, of course, continues to play a major role. The key to success is integrating these different channels – website, social, mobile, and physical stores. Customers will naturally jump between channels during their buyer journey, and will expect consistency as they do so.

If organizations want to succeed, they need to provide their employees with the power to wow their customers. This means providing the tools, processes, and capabilities to deliver the very best customer experience. Automation in retail is essential in achieving this.

Process automation in retail with Nintex

There are a lot of critical processes that can be automated to improve customer experience, such as complaint and customer service management, processing sales analytics data, generating/renewing customer contracts and proposals, and more.

For each of these processes, automation can help in the following areas:

  • Reducing human error
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reducing menial task
  • More time to focus on high-value work

The Nintex Platform can help your organization automate its most important processes, ensuring that the customer experience is streamlined.

Map your processes

The key to improving customer service is to streamline the processes that underpin how your employees serve your customers, and the first step is to understand what these processes involve.

What steps are part of setting up a new customer contract? How many people are involved in the resolution of customer service issues? What is holding back a quick turnaround on a sales proposal? Who is responsible for these processes?

Process mapping, via Nintex Promapp®, can help your team fully understand the inner workings of the processes that help them bring value to customers. It can provide greater controls to improve efficiencies, increase accountability, and to help workers collaborate on the processes that lead to great customer experiences.

It can also provide an invaluable overview of the entire customer journey so that you can see which processes are serving your customers well and where changes are in order.

Automate document generation

When it comes to customer contracts, the speed and ease with which customers complete the process is vital. Consistent messaging and accurate information are also crucial. In the past, this has relied on sales representatives manually creating the document for the contract by copying and pasting all relevant customer and company information into a document template. But this was a slow, tedious process, prone to human error.

With Nintex Drawloop DocGen®®, employees can automate the process of drawing up precise and accurate documents for sophisticated business functions like customer contracts. Not only does this ensure all the relevant information is included, but also that the right branding is used.

More importantly, the document can be automatically sent off for approval, include quick e-signature capture, and be saved in the organization’s CRM. This speeds up the information flow and reduces delays at the final critical stage of securing a new customer.


To find out more about how Nintex and process automation in retail can help your organizations improve customer experience, boost employee productivity, and reduce costs, get in touch with a member of our team today.


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