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Transform your fortunes with automation for project management

Project management is the foundation of many effective businesses. Its role is to have a strategic overview over the processes that make up a project, making sure everyone has the tools and information they need to do their jobs. But often, project managers find they spend too much time chasing up loose ends, saving documents, and organizing tasks. This means they don’t have the time for the truly high-value work they could be doing. Luckily, automation for project management can help.

Improve communication and collaboration

Ensuring efficient communication across a project team is a vital priority for any good project manager. It’s important to ensure that tasks can progress smoothly from one person to another, that information can easily be found, and goals smoothly communicated. When these things aren’t achieved, deadlines get missed and projects start to unravel – so it’s vital to get it right.

Automation for project management can ensure that everyday workplace progress can move seamlessly from person to person. From booking meetings to arranging feedback, automated processes ensure the right tasks are assigned, and the right information is communicated at the right time. This means project managers don’t have to spend their time tediously dotting every I and crossing every T and can turn their attention to more strategic, value-adding work.

The right information in the right place

Assigning meetings and enabling collaboration are not the only responsibilities of a good project manager. It’s also important to enable a clear data trail from the start to end of every process. Contracts must be saved in the right place and communications and sign-offs should be recorded. But manually saving and recording this information in the right place isn’t a great use of a project manager’s time.

Let’s consider this in the context of sign-offs – which are an essential component to projects of every size. Workflow automation can accelerate and improve this process while ensuring there’s a clear data trail at every stage:

  • Document generation: This ensures contracts are automatically generated and distributed to the relevant people.
  • Workflow automation: This means the right sign-off or approval task is assigned to the right person at the right time.
  • eSignatures: Allows sign-offs to be securely completed at the click of a button, with a clear record and time stamp.

Before automated project management, project managers had to manually circulate every document and chase every signature. But they also had to make sure there was a clear record of what was signed off, when, by whom, and for what reasons – for important auditing and compliance reasons. With workflow automation technology, this process is seamless and automatic.

Enable better and more strategic decision making

By removing low-value, tedious tasks, project managers have the time and space to focus on strategic work that adds more value in the long term. That could be anything from eliminating scope creep to ensuring projects can be delivered faster and at a higher quality in the future. But it’s not just extra time that allows for this higher-value decision making – the right technology can help with this as well.

The right automation for project management technology can make it easy for project managers to gain a high-level overview of how processes are progressing through the company and where common bottlenecks are appearing. Here’s how this looks in practice:

  • Process mapping lets you build clear visual representations of your common processes. This improves processes by ensuring everyone has a clear idea of who is responsible for which tasks. It also means project managers can clearly see where processes can be simplified, expedited, or improved.
  • Process analytics allow you to collate and analyze real-time data from across the workflow automation suite to gain a rich and detailed picture of how your processes are progressing. This makes it clear where bottlenecks and efficiencies occur, allowing you to take proactive steps to mitigate them.

Together, these technologies give project managers the tools they need to improve a project’s processes in an increasingly proactive way.

Automation for project management in action

Automated project management allows project managers to spend less time on the daily management of their work and move to take a more strategic view of their projects. As well as accelerating and improving the individual processes, it also makes life much easier for all the people working at each stage. But it’s not just about accelerating individual tasks—it’s also about better planning, understanding, and improving the processes that power all your organization’s projects.

These priorities are key to not only good project management but also an effective organization overall. Whether it’s document generation, workflow automation, or process intelligence, process technology can help your people work quicker and better.



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