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Automating the employee onboarding process for remote employees

The past quarter has pushed many organizations to find ways to move forward and continue their business processes almost seamlessly while operating remotely. That is easier said than done for many businesses, but we’re all largely in the same boat whether that be bringing our meetings online, digitizing our paperwork, or learning how best to be productive without seeing our colleagues face-to-face.

One of the most challenging changes businesses are facing is bringing the employee onboarding process remotely. How do you begin setting up a new team member for success when you can’t meet them face-to-face?

Starting an employee off on the right foot is one of the most important processes to get right – whether or not they’re remote.

With the Nintex Platform, you have the tools that ensure your new hire can be fully onboarded to your team and set up for long-term success.

The benefits of being using automation in onboarding

Being onboarded online may not be the most optimal experience, but, while the process might look different virtually, everything can be digitized and automated. What’s more, automating the process can make it easier and faster for all parties involved.

One benefit of using automation is the organization that comes with automated task notifications. Say goodbye to lost paper trails and unanswered email chains; workflows help new employees move on to the next step of their onboarding process with a click of the button.

With today’s remote workforce, it’s easier for new hires to fall behind, hindering their performance before they’re able to even get started in their role. With the right tools, paperwork can be completed easily and seamlessly so that the employee can dive into their work faster.

Further, by having an effective onboarding process in place, the new employee comes in knowing the organization’s expectations. From the moment the new hire begins, they will be better educated, better informed, and more motivated about your organization’s goals and their role in helping you achieve them

Automating remote employee onboarding with Nintex

With the Nintex Platform, virtual onboarding is a streamlined process that can be set up by the HR team. A workflow is triggered when an automatically generated offer is sent to the employee to sign digitally. From the moment they sign, the workflow triggers a chain of tasks that can be quickly actioned.

1. New employee files, without the paperwork

One task that can be done automatically is the creation of the new employee in your organization’s HR system. The workflow can automatically populate the employee’s profile using the data from forms they have filled out previously, removing the need for HR to manually enter the information into their file

2. Provisioning

Despite not being in the office, it is important that the new employee is provisioned with equipment and software licenses so that they can begin their work. By automating hardware and software requests, you can set up a chain of actions that will streamline this process by sending the appropriate emails to IT and HR, making it easier for the employee to get the appropriate tools to get started.

3. Open the lines of communication

On the employee’s first day of work, it’s important that they feel welcomed as part of the team – especially when they’re not able to physically meet the team. With the Nintex Workflow Cloud Slack Action, managers can automatically send messages to the company or team channels welcoming their newest colleague.

Automated onboarding as a new hire

While being onboarded virtually is not the experience most originally plan on, there are resources available that allow for the experience to feel personal and valuable for a new hire.

As a recent college graduate who is now working full-time, I have just gone through the onboarding process from the comfort of my own home. And while I was not physically in the office with my new team members and coworkers, through the many messages over Slack and series of Zoom calls, I still felt as that I was fully caught up on everything that I needed to know and was fully welcomed by everyone.

Starting with a company that uses great features like workflow automation and document generation, my onboarding process was seamless. I received all the passwords and logins that I needed access to, was automatically entered into the organization’s systems, and was added to future meetings with the appropriate individuals immediately after my initial onboarding Zoom call with HR. From there, I took all the necessary security and HR courses that were sent to my email, and I got to work on my new job.

So, despite having to start my new position on my high school desk in my parent’s home, I still feel prepared and ready to join an amazing group of individuals, thanks to the automation tools that made my remote onboarding experience a seamless one.



If you’re interested in learning more about how to use the Nintex Platform to onboard your new employees, click here.



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