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How Automating Salesforce Workflows Lets You Focus More Energy on Selling

Salesforce’s awe-inspiring Dreamforce conference is touching down in San Francisco this week. Around 150,000 delegates are descending on the City by the Bay to learn about the future of the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Representatives from Nintex will be there too, showcasing how automating Salesforce workflows can bring your organization’s sales, marketing and customer relationship teams huge benefits.

We believe Salesforce is an awesome tool for managing pipelines and many out-of-the-box Salesforce workflows make it faster to move information across the platform.

However, modern employees are used to using multiple applications to get their work done—Box for storing files, DocuSign for signing contracts, different email clients for sharing content. In most organizations, there is no connection between these tools. The typical user needs to manually open all these separate environments just to get started on their work, meaning they spend hours on low-value, administrative tasks.

This, of course, frustrates users, increasing the chance that work becomes delayed, mistakes happen and, ultimately, it takes longer to close deals.

Connecting these different tools together is usually difficult and time-consuming. After weeks of coding, you’re left with a fragile workflow that’s hard to maintain. And that’s why we’re excited about how the Nintex Workflow Cloud makes it so much easier to automate Salesforce workflows.

Automate Salesforce Workflows with Nintex

Underlying any successful sale are multiple, repetitive processes. And, in most organizations today, these are carried out almost entirely manually. Let’s look at the impact automating Salesforce workflows with Nintex would have for your end users.

1.  Adding a New Lead to Salesforce

When a salesperson adds a new lead to Salesforce, they need to enter information about the client and any potential work to many different tabs in their Salesforce environment.

But Nintex can do this for them. By filling information into a single Nintex Form, the data is automatically entered into all the pages where it needs to go, saving the salesperson from tedious, time-consuming and low-value work.

2.  Approving a Discount

When a salesperson needs to ask their manager for approval of a discount, they typically must first email a line manager. If that person does not have the right to approve the discount, it must be escalated. All this takes time and requires the salesperson to chase colleagues.

However, Nintex can automatically send emails to the correct members of the team, collate details from the ‘opportunity’ section of Salesforce and get approval from managers.

Nintex also automatically sends them reminder emails until they reply. What’s more, Nintex can provide managers with data to aid with decision-making. For example, showing how many discounts a salesperson has offered this year, and how far they are from their targets.

3.  Generating a Contract

When writing up contracts, salespeople often must collect information from Salesforce, copy and paste it into a template before emailing this to a client.

But what if this process could be automated as a Salesforce workflow?

By using Nintex Document Generation for Salesforce (formerly Drawloop®), you can create Salesforce workflows which, when triggered, are able to collect information from within Salesforce and generate contracts at the touch of a button. The workflow can collect standard legal information from Adobe and integrate this into the document.

Once documents are generated, they can also be stored in third-party platforms like Box, Dropbox or Microsoft SharePoint. And of course, these documents can be shared with the client via email. Nintex also connects with other powerful tools like DocuSign so customers can easily sign off on a contract or other agreement.

The Potential for Automating Salesforce Workflows

Salesforce is by far and away the most popular CRM solutions on the market. It offers many of the most advanced features and has long been a favorite among salespeople, account managers and marketing teams.

Modern enterprise IT is evolving, however, and staff expect to be able to use a range of different apps at work. Increasingly, they want these apps to seamlessly work together.

However, many end users spend too much time switching between these different apps to complete their day-to-day work and close deals. We believe that Nintex Workflow Cloud answers these problems. By automating Salesforce workflows, and connecting them with the other apps your teams use daily, you allow them to spend more of their time selling, and less of their time doing admin.

Nintex will be demoing how we automate Salesforce workflows at next week’s Dreamforce event. Make sure you visit Nintex booths 105-7 in the Customer Success Expo and Developer Forrest booth 24 to see how the process works in action. We’ll also be demonstrating many of the different kinds of workflows that Nintex can support in your Salesforce environment.

Want More?

Attend my Dreamforce talk “Silos No More: Automate and Optimize Processes that Span Orgs with Nintex” on Wednesday, November 8 from 10:45-11:05a or visit www.nintex.com/salesforce.

Hope to see you in San Francisco!


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