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Automating document centric processes to accelerate success

Documents are the lifeblood of business—but as many organizational leaders know, each and every document comes at a cost. According to IDC’s The High Cost of Finding Information – 2001 Study, it is estimated that document-related administrative tasks such as locating and inputting data, managing templates, controlling versions, redlining, and chasing internal approvals and customer signatures account for as much as 20% of a knowledge worker’s time.

Manual methods of creating documents profoundly impacting revenue and productivity

These document-centric problems transcend departments including marketing, service, legal, finance, HR, and sales. Mission-critical documents like NDAs, quotes, proposals, and contracts are most often built manually.

This time-consuming process requires workers to ensure data sources like Salesforce are up-to-date and accurate, locate and manage templates, swivel-chair between systems, cut-and-paste data, fact check for errors and omissions, and more. Once documents are created, manually routing documents for internal reviews—and to customers for approval and sign-off adds additional time and complexity.

Just within a single department such as sales, this labor-intensive, productivity-draining approach:

  • Distracts reps from their core mission of identifying, nurturing, and closing deals
  • Lengthens sales cycles
  • Significantly increases the likelihood of errors
  • Results in less-than-optimal customer experiences
  • Negatively influences revenue

And let’s not forget while documents may start within an organization, quite often they need to get into the hands of customers, partners, and suppliers. This magnifies the importance of making sure they are delivered on time and with a high degree of accuracy.

Automating document-centric processes is fast and easy with Nintex

The creation of critical documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices does not need to be a burden on your employees. Nintex DocGen® document automation reduces the time, expense, and risk of manually creating documents by equipping teams with easy-to-use tools to automatically generate data-driven documents.

Manual document processes – the logical place to start automating

 Embracing digital transformation can give your organization a huge advantage over your competitors, and digitizing document generation is essential to digital transformation. Start by identifying the document-related processes that slow down your organization.

Reduce time to signature by 95%

Combine the power of document automation with eSignature capabilities to streamline how work gets done and deals are signed.

Start closing deals faster, improving your customer experience, and reaping the benefits by working with eSignature tools like Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe. Easily automate the routing, eSign, archiving, and closing of processes securely and efficiently.

A resource to accelerate success

Join us on April 13 & 14 for our first ever Nintex Document Automation Summit. Attend the event to learn how document generation combined with best-in-class automation can help your business run more efficiently. This two-part event is designed to educate document generation beginners, as well as those further along in their digital transformation journey.

Register now to learn quick wins, see how easy it is to generate contracts and invoices in Salesforce and other CRM systems, and discover how workflow and robotic process automation can further accelerate digital transformation.



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