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The City of San Francisco District Attorney’s automated solution to bring employees back to the office

It goes without saying that 2020 has impacted nearly every business ranging from small retail establishments to global technology powerhouses. Many organizations have had to adapt their business model to a fundamental shift in how customers purchase and how employees work.

Fortunately, as we near the end of the calendar year, we have found ways to progress forward in a safe and responsible manner. With more safety measures around COVID-19 in place, both public and private organizations are starting to test bringing employees back into an office setting.

Transforming the City of San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

Throughout his four years as CIO of the City of San Francisco District Attorney’s office, Herman Brown has never stopped digitally transforming his agency to better serve his constituents. But, like everyone else, when COVID-19 began spreading in the US, he was thrown a curveball and had to find ways to adapt. Remote working became a norm for him, his team, and broadly across the City of San Francisco.

As one of the most populous cities in the United States, there is an enormous amount of paperwork that passes through the district attorney’s office. Brown’s office oversees over 26,000 cases a year, and more than half of those would be tried.

Given the volume of casework, it is nearly impossible to keep a paperless environment. Because of this, every so often a city employee would need to enter the office to retrieve documents.

A modern solution to an unprecedented issue

To accommodate this inevitable situation, Brown developed an employee management app to put measurable controls in place when employees need to visit the office. The key is to ensure employees are following the proper COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Whenever an employee needs to visit the office, they are required to fill out two forms found in the City’s intranet. One form certifies that you are symptom-free and have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 within the last two weeks. The second form details the building you will be in and the floor you’re on. Doing so allows the city to better control how many people are on the same floor within a building and ensure no building or floor is overcrowded at any given time.

automated solution to bring employees back to the office

Additionally, knowing how tech-savvy some of the city employees are, Brown also devised the same forms for mobile device access. With Nintex Mobile and Apps Studio, employees were enabled to fill out the forms before entering the office on their mobile devices.

automated solution to bring employees back to the office

The Nintex Process Platform offers several capabilities to help you solve every step of your automation problem:

Nintex is a low-code/no-code workflow automation solution that enables everyone in an organization to properly document and automate their work. Brown was able to ensure the safety of his employees quickly and effectively – without writing even one line of code.

To learn more about how the City of San Francisco District Attorney’s Office leverages Nintex software, make sure to watch the webinar on-demand.



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