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Quickly automate JobKeeper employee nominations with Nintex

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every economy in world. This includes Australia where I am based. We’re pleased that the Australian government is also stepping in to lend much needed support to our citizens during these unprecedented times.

The following blog post will discuss the new JobKeeper Payment scheme in Australia.

Specifically, how it works and how you can eliminate paper from the process. In fact, we’ve automated it for you with ease and speed thanks to our workflow automation software solutions. You can sign up for a free coaching session with a Nintex expert to learn more, even if you’re not a current customer.

What is the JobKeeper Payment scheme in Australia

The Australian government launched an A$130 billion JobKeeper Payment scheme to support businesses significantly affected by the Coronavirus to help keep more Australians in jobs. Under this plan, eligible employers can then pay their eligible employee’s wages of at least A$1,500 per fortnight, which is forecasted to support around six million Australians across the country.

To date, more than 800,000 companies have registered interest in the Australian government’s scheme so the volume alone is significant.

What Australian employers must do to register in JobKeeper

While you may be familiar with the eligibility criteria to qualify for the scheme, did you know that as an employer you must receive agreement from every employee in order for an employee to be nominated for the scheme?

Before enrolling for the JobKeeper Payment, first complete the employee nomination notice. This will allow you to successfully:

  • Notify every eligible employee that you intend to participate in the scheme
  • Ask the employee if s/he agrees to be nominated and to receive payments from you as part of the scheme

Understanding the manual processing types of employee nominations

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) currently supports different methods for the processing of employee nominations. These methods include:

1. Downloading a PDF form from the ATO website

While the form supports the ability to complete it online, it’s not particularly mobile-friendly. It also doesn’t have an electronic signature component. This requires an extra step (and challenge) of returning the completed form to the employer, which is not easy with a remote workforce.

From an employer perspective, this also means the employer will then have to manually sift through hundreds or thousands of PDF attachments in emails and figure out how to classify and store these files.

2. Download a Word document version of the above form

The same challenges above apply as downloading a PDF form. This method also assumes you have Microsoft Word, or a supported application installed on an accessible device.

Both versions have a signature box on the form which requires paper – and printing, signing, scanning, and emailing of the final document.

A paperless and fully digital JobKeeper employee nomination process solution with Nintex

With Nintex, there is a better way. In fact, we’ve developed a fast and easy option where you can create your own automated process utilizing our digital forms, workflow automation, and e-Signature solutions.

All you need is our ready-to-use template form, which can be launched in your own Nintex Workflow Cloud environment.

The form is easily accessible on mobile devices too, making it simpler for you and your employees to complete the required information including signatures.

Sample: Mobile version of the Nintex Form

The workflow is also configurable and can store completed forms wherever you need them — a centralized content management system, or route to a central email address, or simply store in an electronic file store and share on completion.

Additionally, this digital form can be shared via your organization’s intranet for easy access by all employees or distributed via email to every participating employee.

Nintex is here to help you automate

We’re committed to improving the way people work and want to help you with automated solutions that save time and deliver results fast.

We’ve made the JobKeeper Employee Nomination template available with our Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery on our website. It’s free and easy to download.

We also encourage you to leverage valuable business continuity resources that we’ve made available as your business navigates the road ahead. I also encourage you to read the latest letter from Nintex CEO Eric Johnson on how we’re committed to the success of every customer and partner we serve.

We’re here to help you automate the JobKeeper employee nominations process or any other issues you’re currently facing. Sign up today for a free coaching session with a Nintex expert.



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