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Process management and automation in IT

The benefits of automation are obvious to anyone in IT. Despite understanding the value, these same professionals may not be leveraging this technology effectively within their own environments.

As the saying goes, who watches the watchmen? It may be easy to forget that IT processes within a business can benefit from the same types of automation being implemented in other departments.

In this blog, we’ll explore how the power to automate IT processes can transform your IT department.


It’s crucial for a new starter to have everything they need on their first day — if they’re not fully equipped, their confidence and performance could suffer. Making sure new employees have the smoothest possible onboarding is essential, but it isn’t easy. Paper forms can cause bottlenecks, licensing equipment can be difficult, and there’s a lot that can go wrong with manual processes.

Automation makes it easier to create an effective and efficient onboarding process. There are many tasks across departments like HR and IT that can be automated to remove tedious administrative steps. Features like e-signature and automatic notifications help minimize bottlenecks and keep everybody on the same page.

Retiring paper forms in favor of digital forms helps workers capture the right information and share it with the right people. When you want to give every new starter and onboarding experience that helps them hit the ground running, automation is your friend.


Provisioning processes get employees the equipment they need to do their best work. Whether it’s hardware, software, or licenses, there are always manual tasks for IT workers to complete. Unfortunately, human error means that manual provisioning can lead to oversights and mistakes.

The risk inherent in this is large, since your workers’ devices and computers are a key component of your cybersecurity program. If your systems aren’t set up properly, it exposes your organization to heightened risk.

With automation, businesses can build a centralized portal where every piece of equipment and every credential is visible. Issuing new hardware and software or changing access rights can be done from a single screen, saving time and effort for IT workers.

Provisioning requests are assigned to the most suitable worker and completed within a single window, ensuring that no part of a task is overlooked. Ensuring that only secure individuals have access to your network is straightforward, keeping compliance standards high and protecting you during audits.

Help desk support

Your IT help desk is the brain of your business. It’s where workers go to make sure their issues are resolved, and response times must be optimal.

Forgotten passwords and hardware issues are recurring problems that require a great deal of attention. Manually resolving them means there’s a chance that issues may be forgotten, which can result in missed SLAs and reduced productivity throughout your whole organization.

Without automation, a manual ticket must be created, assigned, and completed for resolution. All these tasks must be completed by someone.

Your help desk can use the assistance that automation provides. With an automated ticket system, tickets can be assigned to the most suitable worker and never lost or forgotten. Your ITIL/IT service management system can ensure IT policy compliance, while automation helps ensure that no task is forgotten.

Busy work can become a thing of the past, with workers able to focus on meaningful and productive work while password resets are automated. Automating your help desk doesn’t just benefit help desk workers, it benefits everyone throughout your organization.

Automate your IT processes with Nintex

Taking advantage of automation within your IT department doesn’t have to take time or be expensive. It doesn’t even require coding. With the right platform, IT departments can implement and begin automating in just a few hours.

The Nintex Platform offers many tools that eliminate repetitive and lengthy tasks from your IT workflows. Using Nintex Promapp®, process experts can map and visualize every single process within their department. Not only does this allow them to eliminate unnecessary processes, it allows them to bridge gaps they weren’t aware of before.

Process optimization is an ongoing practice, and it’s one that’s easy with Promapp®. Make better decisions based on data-driven insights without having to take on more administrative work.


To learn more about how the Nintex  Platform can give your IT department time and energy back, get in touch today.


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