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Australian Financial Services Firm Drives Employee Engagement and Improves Customer Experience with Nintex

Most of the world’s working population spends one-third of their adult life at work.

Depending on how passionate you are about your work, that statistic might make you think twice about what you do. If you’re an employer, it will hopefully make you think more about the significance of employee engagement in your workplace.

Forbes defines employee engagement as the emotional and intellectual commitment an employee has to its employer organization and its goals.

Studies have shown that engaged employees aren’t just happier with their work (and spending a third of their life there), but they are also more productive and successful. According to Emplify, companies with engaged employees report 2.5x more revenue than competitors with low engagement levels. The same research reports that higher levels of employee engagement also creates higher levels of shareholder value.

Improving employee engagement can have a significant impact on business outcomes, and in some cases can also help improve customer engagement along the way.

Industry Fund Services (IFS) strived to do just that with its investment in digital process automation.

Starting With Busy Work

IFS is Australia’s leading provider of specialist business solutions and services, financial products, tools and advice to the “all benefit to member” superannuation (similar to retirement plans in the United States) sector.

For more than 20 years, IFS has worked with superannuation funds to help them build, manage and implement solutions for their members. The organization also offers financial planning services throughout Australia.

As a growing and complex business, IFS struggled with decentralized information and processes which hindered employee productivity. The organization worked with Evolve Information Services to implement a company-wide Nintex and SharePoint solution.

The solution centralized IFS information sources and allowed real-time access to the same data to staff not based in the main office. The project focused on streamlining repetitive processes—using Nintex and SharePoint to quickly automate repetitive, manual work, which freed up staff to focus on customers. Rebecca King, Digital Workplace Manager at IFS, shares that, “Nintex takes the potential of SharePoint and boosts it even further.”

Great Customer Service Starts With Great Employees

Previously, new employees felt disconnected and were left frustrated with IFS’s onboarding process—especially employees not based in the main Melbourne office. IFS built a Welcome Portal for onboarding new employees before they began their first day.

Now, new employees have access to all information about their benefits and banking information required by HR right away. The system also uses Nintex Workflows and Forms to alert IT staff of new starter’s equipment and software needs. The Nintex solution saves IFS staff approximately three hours each time a new employee is onboarded, and now they have everything they need to do their job on day one.

Nintex Makes IT the Hero at IFS

IFS estimates that it saves $3,000 for each workflow and form built with Nintex. The Nintex Platform empowers IFS’s digital workplace team to easily build custom solutions to fit business needs, while also integrating with the applications they use and providing access to the status throughout the process.

“We’re changing the perception that we’re just computers and hardware. People are seeing that they can come to us to streamline reporting or fix processes that bottleneck or have issues.” – Rebecca King, IFS

The Nintex solutions built at IFS have helped the organization improve its processes, employee engagement, and ultimately its customer experience.

If employees are going to spend so much of their life at work, employers should make the most of that time by empowering their employees to do their best work with tools to help them be successful.


Learn how IFS is improving its employee engagement and more with the Nintex Platform. Read the case study.


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