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ATS Centralizes its Information Management with Nintex

The role of the IT department is changing. Gone are the days that the IT department is simply seen as a support function that keeps “systems” running or comes to rescue when your laptop won’t connect to the office Wi-Fi.

According to Salesforce Research’s “State of IT” report, 75 percent of technology leaders say IT is currently in the midst of the biggest history shift of its role as the responsibilities of IT have expanded to impact customer service, sales, and even business strategies. Departments across the enterprise depend on their IT teams to digitize processes, centralize information and data, and ultimately optimize the organization.

Leading businesses are incorporating Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) into their IT strategy to drive these improved business efficiencies. McKinsey reports that companies experimenting with IPA that have automated 50 to 70 percent of tasks, most often seeing a triple-digit percentage return on their investment.

Applied Technical Services (ATS) is one organization that has realized the benefits of incorporating key capabilities from an intelligent process automation portfolio into its IT and organizational strategy.

Before Automation: Disconnected and Decentralized

ATS is one of the leading testing, inspection, and consulting firms in North America with more than 700 employees across 28 locations. With a 15-20 percent year-over-year growth and thousands of actives projects, the business struggled to keep up with its decentralized information storage and exchange.

The decentralized approach had become fractured and inconsistent across departments, and the lack of clear, consistent process and data workflows impeded operating efficiency. ATS identified four major goals of its new approach:

  • Centralized, searchable and filterable repository for job-related documents
  • Automated workflows to create and track new records
  • Optimization of automation which would include notifications and reminders
  • Workflow-based data management that ties all relevant materials based on a unique Project ID

Optimized with the Nintex Platform

ATS IT Director Mike Murray worked with Nintex partner Abel Solutions to create a centralized repository that met all of the company’s needs. The new ATS information repository was built on SharePoint and optimized with the Nintex Platform’s advanced workflows and modern forms.

The Nintex solution uses dozens of automated workflows with system triggers that automate the creation of new workflows based on predefined events. The advanced workflows have transitioned ATS to a robust document creating, editing and management system where workflows dramatically increase consistency of data storage and access to information.

“One thing I’ve determined is there’s really no limit to the amount of things that you can turn into a workflow.” – Michael Murray, IT Director, Applied Technical Services

Abel Solutions also helped Murray create a purpose-built CRM system using SharePoint and Nintex. Previously, ATS captured and stored potential client information in a homegrown system using SQL and Microsoft Access. The process for managing these leads was informal and required the manual distribution of new contact information. With the Nintex solution, incoming leads are automatically routed to employees for follow-up and the records can be easily managed.

With Digital Workflows: Clear and Consistent

The solution is helping ATS connect its disparate information across functions, projects, and departments. Their efforts to automate have resulted in centralized and standardized data across the enterprise, more effective job tracking and management, and improved access to mission-critical records.

Thanks to the Nintex solution, the company’s 700 employees are now empowered to do their best work.


Learn more by reading the ATS case study.


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