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Are you using too many business tools?

As more companies allocate resources to digital transformation, the use of workplace technologies rises. These technologies are meant to improve business performance by appropriately leveraging people and processes, enabling employees to work efficiently, effectively, and in ways that keep them engaged. But while tech is there to help people be more effective, too many business tools can actually hinder productivity and performance.

What are the benefits of enterprise productivity tools?

There are numerous business benefits to deploying the right technology in an organization:

  • Improved communication
  • Greater productivity
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better workflows

Despite the undeniable advantages, many companies face significant drawbacks when it comes to using enterprise applications. With the proliferation of enterprise productivity tools, it has become all too easy to deploy a unique solution for every business need. This can lead to workers becoming overwhelmed by app fatigue, redundancy, and compatibility issues.

The negative impact of too many business tools

Having too many enterprise applications can actually cause more harm than good.


The number of individual business tools used by companies is often surprising. On a daily basis, a business may use separate tools for email, IM, and CRM. While each tool has its specific purpose, the overall monthly costs of operating under so many systems quickly adds up. This is particularly true if a business invests in a platform like Office 365 but doesn’t maximize its potential, and instead buys additional tools at extra cost.

Time-consuming to implement

Though companies may bring in new tools to improve the efficiency of their business processes, many don’t consider each tool’s setup costs. These costs can be high, especially for systems that take several months to fully implement — with hours spent importing old data, onboarding new users, and training employees to use the tools. Ultimately, this ends up exceeding original cost expectations.

Misplaced data

Using multiple tools often leads to disconnected data. When your tools don’t integrate or communicate with each other, time must be spent moving your data around. Not only could this time be better spent elsewhere within your business, but having data located in numerous places disrupts basic processes, slows down your team and increases risks of data breaches.

Inefficient processes

When employees use multiple business tools, they must regularly switch among them. This kind of multitasking often has a negative impact on productivity, putting workers under more stress and adversely affecting concentration throughout the day.

Insufficient overview

When businesses use many tools, it can be difficult to gain a clear overview of performance. Hours spent searching for various metrics on various platforms wastes time and often does not provide satisfactory results. Without a detailed understanding of the work and performance of each department within your business, you will struggle to optimize processes.

Make your tools work harder for your business

It is possible to create a sleeker, more effective central hub for workers with intelligent tools and automation. It’s also possible to reduce the number of tools and make the remainder work smarter for your business.

Process automation helps your business become more efficient. When you automate manual, repetitive work, your teams are free to focus on other responsibilities.

But before you can optimize your processes, you must map them. By mapping out processes and collaborations among departments, you identify ways to streamline processes and reduce the number of tools and apps your departments use. In turn, this reduces costs and inefficiencies.

Get your tools under control with Nintex

Nintex Promapp® allows you to establish total visibility and control over your enterprise processes. You can use visual process mapping software to encourage company-wide collaboration, increase accountability and improve your processes — all on one, easy-to-use platform.

Nintex Promapp® offers several key benefits. Your business leaders have the ability to implement process automations that makes sense for their teams. It’s also easier to identify areas that need improvement within existing processes, then plan for necessary changes. Nintex is also easy to deploy across an organization and integrates with the tools you already use, allowing you to extract maximum value from your investments.

Most important, workers are empowered to understand and optimize their unique business processes. Promapp® makes it easy for people to visualize, consume, share, and collaborate every day.



See Nintex Promapp® in action in our range of webinars, or try it for yourself by taking a free trial. For more information on how Nintex Promapp® can improve your company’s processes, get in touch with Nintex today.



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