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Announcing Worldwide Availability of New Dynamic Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud®

For decades, enterprises have relied on forms to capture the critical information that drives their business.

Historically, these forms have been paper-based, but more recently, enterprises are rapidly adopting electronic forms in order to reduce human errors, ensure form version control, and shorten time to data access.

At Nintex, we have been at the forefront of this forms evolution. As part of our Nintex Workflow Platform, we have been delivering powerful forms capabilities for almost a decade. In 2013, we extended this capability beyond SharePoint to deliver our foundation in SharePoint, we delivered additional capabilities in 2013 by adding Nintex Forms for Office 365.

Since then, our customers have created tens of thousands of forms that have been submitted hundreds of millions of times, across a range of critical business and operational use cases.

Last February at our Nintex InspireX conference we announced our next generation forms capabilities (codename: Zinc).

Newest Innovations

And with our recent forms innovations (Responsive Forms Designer for Office 365, Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud, and the latest release of Responsive Forms Designer for SharePoint on-premises), we are once again leading the charge to evolve forms to meet the dynamic needs of today’s modern businesses.

Key features of modern Nintex Forms include:

Drag and Drop Designer: 

Quickly and easily create and update branded forms using clicks, not code.

Business Rules:

Guide and automatically customize the forms experience based upon key business rules and logic.

Offline Enabled:

Access and utilize forms offline, caching entered data until mobile devices is reconnected.

Responsive Design:

Build once and deploy anywhere across any form factor ensuring a consistent user experience.


Easily use native mobile capabilities such as QR and barcode scanning, attachments and geolocation.

Mobile Responsive Forms - Nintex

At Nintex, we realize that not all electronic forms are created equal. Traditional electronic forms are static in nature often simply replacing paper forms with a web/HTML interface.

However, organizations need a new category of “modern” electronic forms that are easy to create, render elegantly anywhere on any device, work both online and offline, and leverage business rules and logic to make the forms more scalable and sophisticated.

What Our Customers Say

Customers and partners are already realizing the value and power of our new forms capabilities.

Michael Akalu, SharePoint Administrator for Keller Foundations, summarizes this well:

“Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud were easy to use, and the responsive Forms provide a much-needed modern look and feel to our organization.

“We have thousands of employees, and being able to provide a tool that allows our users to create quick and easy forms to gather data important to their day to day activities is beyond instrumental in our push for agile process optimization.”

Evans Ebiotu, Business Application Analyst at Comtech Telecommunications, offered the following feedback:

“After building a few forms, I was impressed by their responsiveness, ease-of-use, dynamic and eye-catching interface. 

“My impression is that you can quickly get up to speed to build and customize an anonymous form and have users test it out. It looks awesome from mobile devices! I anticipate our organization utilizing responsive forms to facilitate the development of rich interfaces for future deployments across multiple environments.”

Work Faster, Work Smarter, Work Anywhere

These new forms capabilities are, of course, integrated into Nintex Workflow Cloud, enabling you to make the data collected in your forms immediately actionable for your workflow and content automation processes such as:

Embedded Forms in Websites

Allows users to quickly and easily create and embed a dynamic, web form that can route collected data to critical systems of record like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This capability powers user experiences like citizen self-service, customer service requests and more.

Capturing Customer Feedback

Leverage the Rules Builder to implement dynamic presentation logic into forms to guide and automatically customize the user experience.

Field Service Performance

Enable field service agents to capture critical data while in the field using Nintex Mobile offline capabilities, complete with support for offline data submissions.

While we are excited to release Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud, we are even more excited to get our customers using this capability.

Our goal is to leverage your feedback and input (which is always welcomed and appreciated at https://nintex.uservoice.com to continue releasing new and improved capabilities on an ongoing basis, delivering on our promise to continuously improve the Nintex Workflow Platform.


To learn more about our newest forms capabilities, click here.

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