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AI, Bots and Nintex Workflow Cloud® with Hyperfish

Chris Johnson presented at Nintex InspireX 2017.

As software developers, we have a bad – but well intentioned – habit of making our lives as complicated as possible.

With the potential right at our fingertips, it’s tempting to dump endless hours into building the perfect solution for a specific business need. But at what cost?

At Hyperfish, we enable organizations to easily and automatically identify and populate missing information in Active Directory through proactive, intelligent user suggestions based on directory compliance information. We bet big on companies and solutions that provide the technology building blocks needed to proactively and intelligently address customer pain points.

Last week Jeremy Thake, Vice President of Product Technology at Hyperfish, and I led a discussion at the second annual Nintex InspireX titled, “Building Next Generation Solutions with AI, Bots and Nintex Workflow Cloud,” to share our ideas on technology building blocks and how IT can efficiently adapt to trends.

Consuming Versus Building

The fast-changing pace of business technology has quickly made building solutions from scratch an outdated initiative for innovative companies. Today, smart companies and technologists build on top of solutions; meaning less upfront costs, more quick wins and, most importantly, more time to focus on moving the business forward.

As a team of six engineers at Hyperfish, we build, run and ship software – so, of course, we’re are extremely strategic about the development processes we handle internally. We don’t have the time or, quite frankly, the need to build an entire workflow system.

We leverage Nintex Workflow Cloud to expand our change approval offerings in our own product.

What does the “building block” framework mean for integrating emerging technologies like AI and bots?  The rise of products like Amazon Alexa and Echo into daily life signals business adoption is not far behind.

Hyperfish is using the same concept of voice to Echo for text to bots and putting it to work for customers today.

Technology building blocks like the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Services interact with users in a personalized format based in systems they are familiar with, whether that is Skype for Business, or Slack, while running on systems your company is already using, like Azure.

In the realm of AI, solutions like Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), Azure Cognitive Service, is layered in with the Bot Framework to understand the sentiment of user conversations and ensure data received by the bots is captured.

When a user replies to a bot, surface-level text measurement alone isn’t enough; message intent must be analyzed for the full picture of user interaction. We leverage tools like facial recognition to ensure Active Directory profile photos meet company compliance.

Text analytics, speech and vision AI services hold boundless potential and, most importantly, build on existing business technologies.

Together, bots and AI technology building blocks discern patterns in common Hyperfish user questions, identify incorrect directory information and retrieve information from users. This allows us to focus on improving the overall user experience and driving business results for customers.

Integrate and Build Today

You’re already an expert at your business, but no one has time be an expert of all new technologies.

Simply start integrating emerging trends today with the Nintex Workflow Cloud, and check out the Hyperfish Xtension Beta, our newest building block for workflow technology.


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