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Achieve outcomes fast with our new series, Pizza & Process

Nothing is more rewarding at work than to achieve great outcomes. The Nintex Platform can help you achieve impressive outcomes like 30% reduction in onboarding time, $5,000 savings in loan originations each month, and even standardized expense request processes and guidelines.

Nintex has helped improve the way that people manage and automate their work. But how were those outcomes achieved? What were the techniques used to document, automate, and optimize these business processes?

We explore these concepts in our new web series Pizza & Process ­– diving into how Nintex experts approach process design and automation to help accelerate outcomes.

You might be asking: why ‘Pizza & Process’? Well, because who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza is almost as awesome as successful business outcomes.

The first step: Understand your processes

While no two processes are alike, it’s important to discover standard “best practices” that can be learned and applied when approaching a new automation project.

We had the chance to sit down with Chris Higgs from Boost Strategy Partners to talk about how they start working on new process automation requests. From discovery to implementation, Boost Strategy uses the Nintex Platform to build no-code solutions for their customers that help drive amazing business outcomes.

In our first Pizza & Process episode, we focused on the initial steps that Boost uses when they start working with a customer interested in automation solutions. Engagements always start by ensuring that the process in question is defined and well-understood before automating.

We asked Chris how often there is an official process in place when they start the ‘discovery phase’ of a project. As it turns out, while 100% of customers think they know their process, there are always caveats, and sometimes the process isn’t even written down. Chris explained, “When they start saying their paper-based process out loud, they will often actually stop and realize that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and that the process should be changed.”

It is during this discovery phase that Boost brings in Nintex Promapp® to help their customers define and document their business processes before the automation work even starts. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there is alignment among all stakeholders. With the help of Nintex Promapp, Boost can document the processes in place and start having conversations about potential modifications and improvements to the process.

A slice of success

Chris emphasizes that a large part of the initial stakeholder engagement focuses on education on how to best adjust their processes in order to take advantage of the Nintex Platform and automate their time-consuming tasks. By standardizing the process for build documentation, Boost is able to ensure that stakeholders buy into the proposed solution and feel confident in the proposed outcome.

Discovery is the crucial first phase of the process management and automation cycle, and by using the Nintex Platform, Boost can successfully translate processes from paper to a centralized, digital location within Nintex Promapp. This initial work also means that the organization has a tangible outcome in mind before they even start building their automation solutions. It also makes it much easier to move to the automation phase and start building automated steps of the process using Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex RPA.

Learn with Pizza & Process

If you would like to see the techniques that Chris uses as he starts building a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud, and maybe get some free pizza on Nintex, be sure to check out the latest episode of Pizza & Process!

There are many more episodes of Pizza & Process to come, so make sure to check out the page to see when our next session is. Tune in to future episodes where you’ll learn about different combinations of workflows, dialogues, anatomies, and philosophies all come together to create a full process from start to end.

Grow your process knowledge and workflow methodology in the next Pizza & Process.



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Jonathan Butler

Jonathan has been with Nintex since 2016. After years of working with the Customer Success organization, Jonathan is now works closely with both the success and product teams to drive the adoption of Nintex cloud products to improve the way people work around the world.

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