Accelerating your journey to the Cloud

As companies move towards digital transformation while overcoming digital challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, they are committing more IT resources and staff to the creation and continual development of mission-critical business applications. In addition, they need those IT resources to continue ensuring existing applications are both secure and scalable.

To support agile application development, many companies are turning to cloud-based infrastructure. Moving mission-critical business applications to a cloud platform like K2 Cloud allows you to scale as business needs change, without wasting resources in the “new normal” digital environment.

A major shift towards cloud infrastructure

You probably know and have experienced that a shift to the cloud is happening.  When we talk to customers about their journeys, we often find that they are going down similar paths in terms of cloud migration.

We see a lot of customers migrating workloads from on-premise into IaaS offerings where they can run VMs and databases, PaaS offerings for workloads like collaboration and identity, or SaaS offerings for vertical-specific systems like CRMs (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and others.

And as we talk to customers about their business-critical apps, we feel like K2 Cloud, our cloud-based platform, is a natural place for those apps to land.

Why our customers are moving to K2 Cloud

So, what are the top five reasons our customers decide to move their mission-critical business apps to the all-new cloud-based K2 Cloud?

  1. First, customers don’t have to worry about upgrades or staying on the latest supported version of K2. Our customers are building apps they need to run for many years to come. Shifting these apps to the cloud using K2 Cloud ensures continued support.
  2. Most companies aren’t in the business of managing infrastructure. We think we are uniquely suited as the best in the world to manage a K2 environment for all of our K2 Cloud customers.
  3. It’s part of a cloud-first mandate. Many businesses are already in the process of moving other workloads into the cloud. When it comes to things like identity or collaboration where K2 has deep integrations, it makes sense to move mission-critical business apps into the cloud as well.
  4. Much of the innovation coming out of product companies is focused on the cloud. For many companies, this innovation is critical to staying competitive within their industries—and they recognize the cloud is key to unlocking it.
  5. Businesses want to safely and securely share the apps outside of the firewall. This enables them to build more collaborative apps by including partners or their customers directly.

K2 Cloud really embraces all the core tenants of modern cloud platforms,  helping customers drive down the costs of operating and managing on-prem deployments of K2.

K2 Cloud delivers results faster and more securely

As we talk about security, K2 Cloud is backed by globally recognized security and compliance certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2—and we are continuing to invest in additional security controls in the future.

At K2, we are fortunate to have a truly global distribution of customers.  And to support these customers, K2 Cloud is available in over 50 different countries, served by geographically related data centers with a roadmap for expansion into more countries in the future.

We have seen truly amazing adoption since launch with over 150% year-over-year growth within the last year alone.



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