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Accelerate Sales and Business Results with Document Generation

The average company generates thousands of documents, ranging from penny invoices to multi-million dollar proposals. Document generation is plentiful, with Business Insider reporting 500 billion Microsoft Office documents created in a single year. And it’s not cheap, with 76 percent of business and IT leaders reporting inefficient document generation adversely impacting revenue and creating audit challenges (IDC, 2014).

Today at Nintex InspireX 2017, I led a session on how companies can combat the inefficiencies caused by manual document generation and strategies businesses can implement to eliminate this costly process.

The good news? There’s a better way of handling document generation, with three critical components to improved efficiency:

  • Data: Access to relevant data is critical. At Nintex, our partnership with Salesforce enables the collection of unstructured data that can then be routed into appropriate documents.
  • Documents: We know Microsoft Office plays is a vital platform in the management and creation of the document generation process, so we rely on Office documents as our primary interface.
  • Delivery: Generating and routing documents to the correct source – whether integrating with a system of record or sending out via email – is a crucial, final piece of the process.

Bringing together data, documents and delivery, the Nintex Document Generation solution provides customers a simple, streamlined, efficient solution that is:

  • Fast and easy:
    • Our document designer is built to mirror the platforms your business already uses, so when a user interacts with our applications, the format looks and feels like the platform in which they are already familiar.
  • Powerful and connected:
    • In many instances, documents require a number of business rules. Nintex Document Generation incorporates document routing rules to systems of record, distribution via email and e-signatures to keep documents moving from start to finish without manual inputs.
  • Cloud optimized:
    • Nintex Document Generation is cloud-optimized to support multi-tenant, platform-independent document generation.

Putting Document Generation to Work

With the thousands of documents moving through companies, the potential for document generation could impact a range of daily tasks.

Let’s look at a few examples highlighting specific document generation processes Nintex deployed for customers.

Letters, Notifications and Licenses

A music licensing company in the process of moving from Lotus Notes required a document generation inside of Salesforce to replace templates, with more than 10,000 documents that varied by stage of license and business.

Over the course of three months, Nintex assessed the company’s documents and deployed a process using mass upload and metadata directly to Salesforce. This took the company from 500 to 7,500 packages per week with only a 10 percent increase in staff.


A media company in advertising sales moving from a home system to Salesforce needed to incorporate large volumes of demographic data, advertising images and documents into complex proposals.

To accommodate the volume of data and complexity of the process, Nintex evaluated the data model and worked with the internal Salesforce team to create a batch process for large proposals.

For an organization that processes more than a million documents per year, the company is now able to process large proposals in manageable size and format – all through a proposal that is managed by Salesforce administrators without need for developers or code.

Brochures & Valuations

Document generation isn’t just valuable for large enterprises; SMBs can see valuable business benefits as well.

For example, an art gallery who relies on Salesforce needed to communicate art valuations and quickly respond to customers in a highly-branded document format.

By storing additional data and images in Salesforce, Nintex helped the gallery create reusable Word templates leveraging professionally designed PDFs. In addition to establishing brand consistency, the owner can now generate brochures, pricing, valuations and letters in seconds.

This week at Nintex InspireX, customers, partners and thought leaders will be sharing best practices and thoughts on digital business and the critical role of automated document generation. Join the Nintex InspireX 2017 conversation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow along across networks with #NINX17.

For more information on how Nintex Document Generation can automate your business processes, click here.


Vincent Cabral

Vincent Cabral is the VP of Product for Nintex Drawloop. Previously he served as VP of Customer Success at Drawloop, which Nintex acquired in 2015.

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