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A unified RPA user experience from Nintex RPA Central

As much as a company can pitch that their platform-based solution is easy to navigate and operate, the users of the platform can have a very disjointed experience from the pitch itself. One cause of this stems from how products can be integrated on the backend but have an entirely different experience on the frontend where users spend their time.

Some questions that may arise from this issue include:

  • Are the features and functionalities laid out within the same information architecture design?
  • Is the nomenclature consistent from one product to another?
  • Does the function behave the same on both the frontend and backend?

A unified experience reduces the learning curve for a user navigating within the platform, therefore, tasks get done faster, deployment time gets shorter, and time to value is faster.

As a user experience within a platform is as equally important to the features within the product, we here at Nintex are set out to unify Nintex RPA within the platform to improve the way that our customers work.

A new and improved Nintex RPA Central 2.0

We are excited to announce and introduce Nintex RPA Central 2.0. With the help of gathered feedback from our customers, partners, and team members, we have focused on creating a brand new user interface as well as improving the feature functionality within the product itself.

We have recrafted and redesigned Nintex RPA Central to make it much more intuitive and streamlined to help you manage your RPA Botflows™ more efficiently.  The new user interface will be similar to our best-in-class Nintex workflow automation, making for a more seamless experience across all our platforms and products.

In addition to a more contemporary interface, customers will also have access to improved feature functionality including more configuration and scheduling capabilities. With the new Nintex RPA Central, instead of having to navigate multiple pages to configure, schedule, and publish a Botflow™, you will now be able to accomplish all of that within a single window.

However, these are not the only benefits that are being rolled out in Nintex RPA Central 2.0. In the updated version, customers will enjoy:

  • Faster and easier access to Nintex RPA Central and RPA Bot installation
  • Intuitively navigate the improved Nintex RPA Central interface
  • Unified experience within the Nintex portfolio, Nintex RPA Central and Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Integrated features and enhanced functionality including scheduling, instances, and more

Ready to start a unified RPA experience?

We hope that you are just as excited about this updated version of Nintex RPA Central as we are. If you are a current or new Nintex RPA customer, simply download the latest release by clicking here. Additionally, we have developed comprehensive help documentation, on-demand videos, and have many community resources available for anyone who is interested in learning more.



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Sasan Ehdaie

Sasan is a Strategic Product Manager here at Nintex. He brings experience in developing product vision, strategy, and execution plans while owning product life cycle management from concept to launch and P&L.

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