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A rundown of the 2021 Nintex hackathon

Last month, the Nintex engineering and product management teams completed our first hackathon of the year. And although it was also our first-ever virtual hackathon, the results were full of promising ideas for the future of the Nintex Process Platform.

Over a span of 48 hours, across 28 teams, 274 participants, 6 countries, and various time zones, incredible and innovative ideas were formed. The goal of the Nintex 2021 hackathon: improving the way people work to free up more time for them to fully live.

Objectives of the Nintex hackathon 2021

We also wanted to achieve a few key objectives such as:

  • Radically stretch the existing thinking of how we can work with other community members by thinking beyond normal business processes​
  • Draw in participation across the entire organization to foster a Process Center of Excellence
  • Continue to support experimentation and innovation by allowing participants to immerse themselves in the task of building out a worked idea (over 2 full days)​

Our focus this year was on non-profit organizations (NPO) who are devoted to making the world a better place. Our goal was to make non-profit employee’s lives and jobs easier.

We have all been touched by an NPO at some point in our lives and we wanted to return the favor. We hoped this hackathon would translate into something awesome for our NPO customers and it did just that!

What were some of the ideas that came out of this year’s Hackathon?

New integrations, artificial intelligence powered features, accessibility features, form inclusivity, security enhancements, voice and vision services, and even Nintex Converge – where people can search topics, join discussions, connect with other professionals, and find helpful resources.

“You know our company is made up of people from so many different backgrounds. Some joined directly and others through acquisitions. We all took our own journey to get here. We all have different perspectives, but we are all ‘One Nintex’ and I thought the Hackathon was really emblematic of that: we can achieve amazing things as ‘One Nintex,” says Nick Benjamin, Nintex Senior VP, Engineering.

The overall goal and promise from Nintex’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Gottsacker and Senior VP of Engineering, Nick Benjamin was to implement one of the ideas from this year’s Hackathon. Stay tuned to see what gets added to the Nintex Process Platform roadmap for 2022.



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Nicole Redemann

Nicole is an Executive Assistant at Nintex based out of the Bellevue Office.

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