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A Really Long List of Jobs Coming Your Way Thanks to RPA

We are creatures of habit. We like our routines and are wary of change. When faced with the unknown, we often jump to the worst conclusions. And nothing incites more fear than new technology. Just look at some of the titles of  articles surrounding RPA technology: “Robotic Process Automation: The new IT job killer?” “How to stop a robot from stealing your job,” “Is your job safe in the era of RPA.” The message here seems clear: hello robot, goodbye job. But let’s take a moment to reconsider.

The first step is to see the glass as half full. Historically, new technologies have created more jobs than they’ve killed off. A quick search for jobs related to Robotic Process Automation on Glassdoor brought up 3021 postings in search results.  According to Robert Cohen, a senior fellow at the Economic Strategy Institute, disruptive, new technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things will employ millions of people in new types of jobs.

The next step is to take action.  As we mentioned in our blog post, Are Software Robots Eating the World?, change is imminent, but it’s how we adapt to change that will determine our future.  As the business world transforms itself, we need to take on the responsibility to transform ourselves accordingly. This means taking the initiative to understand, learn, and prepare for skills that are in demand in the today’s workforce.  For employers that want to see their employees thrive and their businesses succeed, effective training programs and solutions such as attended automation can go a long way to improve confidence and increase productivity.

But the easiest and most effective way that we could think of to help someone overcome fear of being replaced by a robot is simply to share with you this really long list of new jobs coming your way, thanks to RPA:

Advanced Support Engineer, Agile and RPA Capability Manager, Application Architect, Application Developer, Application Development Analyst, Application Tool Programmer, Applications Delivery Specialist, Assistant Manager-Robotics, Assistant Vice President-Robotics and Process Automation, Associate Director-Finance Governance Solutions and Robotic Process Automation Solutions, Associate Director of Technology (RPA), Associate Vice President, RPA & AI-Capability & Solutioning Lead, Automation Consultant, Automation Developer, Automation Engineer, Automation Expert, Automation Implementation Lead for Robotic Process Automation, Automation Manager, Automation Program Lead, AVP, Business Process Services, Back Office/Automation, BPM Lead, Business Analyst-Robotics Process Automation, Business Excellence Advisory-Robotic Process Automation, Business Excellence and Robotic Process Automation Manager, Business Generation-Robotic Automation and Workforce Intelligence, Business Improvement Manager-Automation & Robotics (RPA), Business Process Engineering, Business Transformation & Robotic Process Automation, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Robotic Process Automation, Consultant – Robotic Process Automation, Core Team Member, Robotic Process Automation, Data and Analytics-Robotic Process Automation, Delivery Head-Robotics Process Automation, Delivery Manager-Robotic Process Automation, Deputy Delivery Head – Business Process Automation, Deputy Manager – Robotics Process Automation, Director – Cognitive Automation & Innovation, Director – Digitization and Robotics Process Automation, Director Business Transformation – Customer Success, Director of Client Relations (RPA), Director of Financial Transformation, Director of Technical Services, Director Robotic Process Automation, Director, RPA Solutions,  Director, Strategy & Operations–RPA, RPA Strategic Partners Director, RPA & Automation Specialist, FSO Advisory RPA Consultant, Global Delivery Head – Robotic Process Automation, Head of Automation, Head of Automation & Robotics (RPA), Global Center of Expertise, Head Of Back Office and Robotic Automation, Head of Business Solutions & Innovation, Head of Business Technology Enablement, Head of Strategic Innovation, Head, Robotics Process Automation COE & Advisory Services, Intelligent Process Automation – Consultant, IT & Robotics Recruitment Consultant, Key Account Manager – Robotic Process Automation, Lead – Business Process Automation, Lead Consultant – Operational Excellence, Lead Professional Service & Product Support- Robotic Process Automation, Lead RPA Developer, Lead Sales Engineer, Lead Software Architect, Lead Solutions Architect, Leader of Advanced Management Consultant & Analyst – RPA and Cognitive Automation, Manager-Business Excellence, Partner & Global Innovation Leader, Robotics, Practice Head-Robotics Process Automation capability, Practice Lead and Senior Director-Robotic Process Automation, Pre-Sale Engineer, Principal Consultant, Robotic Process Automation, Process Automation Developer, Process Automation Lead, Process Automation Manager, Process Improvement Manager, Product Manager, Product Trainer, Professional Services Application Engineer, Professional Services Director, Professional Software Engineer, Program Director / RPA Architect, Program Manager, Robotics Process Automation, Project Lead- RPA, Project Manager-Robotic Process Automation, Project Manager-Automation Practice, Research Consultant, Robotic Automation Business Analyst, Robotic Leader, Robotic Process Automation-Business Innovation Specialist, Robotic Process Automation-Practice Lead, Robotic Process Automation – Sr Consultant, Robotic Process Automation-Sr. Sales Engineer, Robotic Process Automation-Technical Architect, Robotic Process Automation intern, Robotic process automation (RPA) Consultant, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Engineer, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Leader, Robotic Process Automation / Smart Automation Management, Robotic Process Automation Architect, Robotic Process Automation Consultant, Robotic Process Automation Developer, Robotic Process Automation Trainer, Robotic Process Automation Discovery Consultant, Robotic Process Automation QA Engineer, Robotic Process Automation Expert, Robotic Process Automation Implementation Specialist, Robotic Process Automation Leader, Robotic Process Automation Manager, Robotic Process Automation Sales Manager, Robotic Process Automation Senior Sales Consultant, Robotic Process Developer, Robotics and Automation Transformation Lead, Robotics Developer, Robotics Engagement and PMO Manager (RPA), Vice President-Head IT Application-Process Automation & Robotics and Product Delivery, Vice President Decision Science & Process Transformation, Vice President Strategic Transformation, Vice President, Robotics and Transformation, Technical Consultant RPA, Technical Manager- Robotic Process Automation, Technical Principal & Robotic Process Automation Delivery Expert, Technical Solution Architect (Robotic Process Automation), Technology Architect- Robotics Process Automation

“The key to change… is to let go of fear.” – Rosanne Cash

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