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A new generation of documents with today’s document generation solutions

Remember when people started calling paper mail “snail mail”? Sounds a little quaint to 2020 ears (gee whiz!) but it’s easy to forget just how much the speed and power of email revolutionized communication way back in the 90s. And though all paper documents haven’t taken the same back seat the letter has, technology has dramatically transformed the way we deal with them in our working lives. New document generation solutions like Nintex Drawloop DocGen take this even further, making the processes of even a decade ago seem antiquated.

An introduction to Nintex DocGen

Nintex Drawloop DocGen seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and SalesForce among many others. That means it assists with a document’s entire lifecycle, “from your desk all the way to theirs”. When your document generation system joins everything up in this way, document processes can run smoothly—and, in some cases, even automatically.

There are three key areas Nintex Drawloop DocGen assists with—the three Ds:

  • Design – creating comprehensive document templates covering everything you need.
  • Deployment – generating documents at the right times with all the right content.
  • Delivery – easily and automatically routing these documents to all the relevant people.

How? Let’s take a look.

Designing documents of any kind perfectly

With document generation solutions like Nintex Drawloop DocGen, it’s easy to connect the fields in your templates with data from Salesforce, Microsoft 365 apps like Word and Excel, and all kinds of other sources. It’s quick and easy to make full use of your Salesforce records and data stored in spreadsheets or collected by digital forms.

Once it’s all set up, and DocGen knows where to find everything it needs, you can sit back and think about all the documents you won’t have to draft from scratch or manually populate with all the relevant data. They can now be generated by DocGen, in a few clicks or automatically when triggered as part of your workflow.

Deploying auto-generated documents when needed

When it’s time for documents to be generated, this can either be manually triggered by a user within a workflow or the workflow itself can start the proceedings, using “if/when” logic. For instance, when a certain number of days have passed leading up to a customer’s renewal date, their new contract and supporting documentation can be created. Or if a customer hasn’t provided some required information at a certain stage, a request or reminder communication is generated.

The documents that are vital to your processes can now be automatically generated, using the data you already hold, without needing to be written or filled out manually each time. The manual input errors that often arise don’t apply here, either—no more typos in documents resulting in redrafts, time wasted, and poor customer experiences.

It’s up to you: whatever you need to generate, whenever you need it, using dynamic data and including whatever content you like. It’s all easy to achieve with our document generation system Nintex Drawloop DocGen. And the next phase of the document lifecycle is seamlessly delivered, too.

Delivering documents via whichever means necessary

Once generated, your new documents can now immediately be printed, if physical mailing or faxing, are called for. Or the documents can be automatically attached to an email or made into a download and routed to the relevant people—all using your contact data in Salesforce.

Using Nintex Sign®, the receiver can even be prompted for their digital John Handcock – collected, recorded, and legally valid. eSignatures have long been recognized in law jurisdictions around the world and, in today’s rapid-response world, are much more efficient than a convoluted process of printing, signing, scanning/faxing—or, worse yet, mailing the signed documents back to the original sender. In this socially distanced era of COVID-19 and the digitally-transformed working landscape beyond it, electronic signatures are and will be vital.

See the benefits of document generation solutions for yourself

So, there you have it. I’ve only provided a few examples here, but the benefits of Nintex Drawloop DocGen can be harnessed in a wide variety of documents, including work orders, shipping documents, invoices, reports of all kinds, quotes, and proposals… Once you try it, you’ll start finding new uses for DocGen in ways you didn’t even consider before.

As we move closer to the paperless office, document processes without technologies like Nintex Drawloop DocGen® and Nintex Sign® might well be looked at like “snail mail” was during the email boom: slow, unwieldy, hassle-filled. It’s time for a new generation.



If you’d like to discuss the benefits of Nintex Drawloop DocGen in further detail, the team at Nintex would be glad to talk. Or, if you’d like to see DocGen in action, you watch a demo or get a test drive at Salesforce AppExchange.  



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