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A need for speed: Why digital transformation matters

In a post-COVID-19 world, it’s not necessarily priorities that have shifted, it’s just the speed at which things now need to be done. Organizations must be agile and flexible in order to adapt to disruption and maintain business growth in today’s precarious business landscape. Employees need the tools for agility and flexibility. Processes need to be streamlined too. This is why digital transformation matters, even more, today than it did before the pandemic.

Successful businesses and industry leaders are always trying to speed up processes with the goal of increasing output productively and efficiently. But what are the best ways to do this? Let’s explore why digital transformation is important and how process automation must be at the center of it. With the right technology, you can streamline and speed up processes across the entire organization, and successfully accelerate digital transformation.

A brief history of why digital transformation matters

What does digital transformation look like at your organization? Is it cloud-based apps? Mobile devices? E-signatures? Salesforce? Automation? A shiny, new intranet? Microsoft Teams?

Well, it could be any and all of these things, but the important thing is that it doesn’t stop there. Digital transformation is a journey—an ongoing optimization of workplace technology and processes geared towards helping people achieve better outcomes.

For many organizations, COVID-19 has put the digital journey on fast-forward. At the start of the pandemic, organizations had to bring forward their digital transformation targets and goals due to sheer necessity. Remote workforces required new tools, new apps, and new SaaS platforms. And processes that had stubbornly clung onto a manual and paper-based past, were fast-tracked into the digital future.

But this was reactive and often ad hoc in nature. Even rushed in places. Which was due to the unprecedented situation around the globe. Let’s be clear that when we say speed and agility are essential to success today, we don’t mean speed for the sake of itself.  Doing things quickly is only valuable to an organization if the outcome still meets the expectations of customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Want to learn more about why digital transformation matters about how process automation can help streamline and speed up your processes and workflows?

How automation can speed up processes

Process automation is the perfect place to start any digital transformation strategy. Processes and workflows govern, direct, and enhance how people, tools, and systems are connected. By automating these processes, you streamline how work gets done – seamlessly moving work from task to task, person to person, system to system.

Just as there are many different types of processes, so too are there different types of process automation – each with the potential to speed up how your organization operates. Let’s look at a couple of examples now.

Document generation

Don’t let the manual creation of critical documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices slow down your business. With document generation you can automate how documents are created, automatically populating elements with accurate information. When used in conjunction with workflow automation, electronic forms, and e-signatures – you can speed up entire customer service or sales processes. Customer-facing employees can provide better support, not just because processes are quicker but because they have more time to spend face-to-face with customers.

Mobile apps

Mobility is key for those workers who aren’t behind a desk all day. Mobile apps provide agile computing power in their pockets, but also connect them to the people, processes, and systems they need to get work done. Imagine a frontline worker out in the field paying a visit to a customer. They can use a mobile device to take a quick photo, upload this, fill out an e-form, and then collect the customer’s e-signature. This will then automatically create a ticket which is sent to someone in the office to progress.

Not only does process automation speed up your most important processes – but the possibilities for business acceleration are almost endless. This is why digital transformation matters.

Why digital transformation is important

The benefits of quick, easy processes are many. Speed is central to agility and adaptability which are crucial markers for success in a post-COVID world. But many of the advantages of process automation are universally beneficial at all times, such as:

  1. Gaining visibility into processes across the organization
  2. Achieving faster time-to-market, time-to-revenue, etc.
  3. Empowering your employees
  4. Improving efficiency
  5. Reducing costs
  6. Providing better customer journeys

The Nintex platform provides a full range of process automation solutions so that you can drive digital transformation across your entire organization. Get started today and speed up your processes with Nintex.



To learn more about why digital transformation matters about how process automation can help streamline and speed up your processes and workflows, get in touch with the team at Nintex today.



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