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RPA 2021: 7 Robotic Process Automation Trends Leading Digital Transformation

A tumultuous year unequivocally changed the way business is done around the world. As a global pandemic took hold, it forced companies to adapt for their employees’ safety and to ensure business continuity.   

This sudden transformation put the spotlight directly on the benefits of robotic process automation and how organizations are using it to weather this catastrophic storm of COVID-19. The new business landscape requires agile, scalable, and user-friendly RPA solutions able to squash potential business disruptions on the fly. They must deploy easily and be accessible to both skilled developers and those without coding experience.  


So, what does the future of RPA hold? We reviewed the 2021 RPA State of the Market Report, An Evolving Digital Workforce to Assist Humans, (Everest Group, 2020), and identified seven key RPA trends to guide us through the evolution to a post-COVID world. 

7 Robotic Process Automation Trends Guiding the Digital Workforce Evolution 2021 


#1. The Market is Ready for RPA 

Monumental changes to the global business landscape brought automation to the forefront of strategic planning for many industries, including BFSI (banking, financial services, insurance), healthcare, telecommunications and food and beverage. According to Everest’s report, approximately 70% of respondents said they’d strongly look at increasing automation adoption in a post-COVID world. 

At Kryon, we’ve seen a steady uptick in customers seeking agile automation solutions to ensure business resilience and continuity while the workforce is in flux.  

Source: Everest Group market study conducted in April 2020 

#2 RPA is a Solution to Pandemic-Related Business Disruptions Across Industries  

The Everest report was conducted in April, 2020 and it’s fair to say that no industry escaped the year unscathed. The worldwide health crisis thrust unanticipated problems on many unprepared companies. Industries like BFSI and healthcare saw a rapid influx of urgent processes that quickly overwhelmed their staff. The need for labor-intensive procedures like mortgage payment deferment and government contact tracing outpaced hiring and training. RPA held the solution that processed millions of travel cancelations and refunds, health insurance claims, orders for critical supplies and equipment, and even scheduling millions of COVID-19 vaccination appointments. These new use cases showcase the benefits of RPA even when not in times of crisis.  

Kryon is proud to be the solution industry-leading companies turn to when tackling today’s unique automation needs. 

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Kryon Provides RPA Solution to Clalit Health Services with Instantaneous Processing of COVID-19 Test Results Data from the Frontline 

Kryon Provides RPA Solution for Maccabi Healthcare Services’ COVID-19 Response in Less Than 48 Hours, Dramatically Expediting the HMO’s Ability to Handle COVID-19 Testing 

#3 RPA Vendors are Stepping Up to the Challenge 

RPA leaders met the sudden, increased need for automation solutions by releasing initiatives to help the business community respond to the pandemic with urgency.  

At Kryon, we established a 24/7 crisis team to advise, support, develop and install industry-compliant robotic process automation for our clients.  

“RPA itself is a burgeoning market, rapidly evolving in terms of product features, deployment options, product architecture, training and support, partner ecosystem, and commercial models. Thus, investing in RPA is not enough – selecting the right enterprise-grade RPA technology partner is critical to success.” 

Source: An Evolving Digital Workforce to Assist Humans, (Everest Group, 2020) 

#4 Scalability is a Key Factor in RPA Success 

When considering RPA adoption challenges, difficulty in maintaining a healthy automation pipeline is one of the key barriers to deployment. Lengthy process discovery initiatives limited by department and technology expertise aren’t feasible for uninterrupted operations when conditions change overnight.  

Source: Everest Group, 2020 

An RPA innovator with first-to-market process discovery solutions, Kryon had the foresight to include real-time Kryon Process Discovery™ in the latest version of Kryon Full-Cycle Automation. Real-time discovery allows organizations to quickly identify all the processes suitable for automation across the entirety of the company with up to 90% accuracyOnce these processes are discovered, users can easily deploy thousands of bots as needed. 

#5 The Need for Holistic RPA Solutions Spurs Collaboration 

Strategic partnerships with complementary technology and service providers will increase as the demand grows for holistic RPA solutions. Integration and rapid deployment require agile solutions that play well with others.  

Kryon Full-Cycle Automation was distinctly designed to address these needs, providing a unified platform that leverages the key strengths of our like-minded technology partners and increases the range of available features like intelligent document processing (IDP) via partnership with Hyperscience and business process management (BPM) and process mining via a partnership with Software AG 

#6 Cost Savings and the Power of Rapid Deployment are in the Cloud 

The challenges brought forth during the COVID-19 struggle have shown how powerful cloud-based solutions can be.  

In September 2020, Kryon launched the industry’s first cloud-based Full-Cycle Automation-as-a-Service (FCAaaS) platform. The highly responsive platform made an immediate impact, allowing organizations to be up and running in as little as 24-hours without a cost-prohibitive up-front investment. The need for flexible, scale-on-demand automation has never been clearer.  

#7 Ease-of-Use is Non-Negotiable 

What good is a powerful, flexible automation package if you’re held hostage by high-priced consultants and highly skilled RPA developers? For maximum productivity and agility, RPA tools must be usable by people without extensive coding experience.  Overly complicated products and services are doomed to failure or abandonment.  

Kryon’s customers agree you don’t need to know code to take advantage of the Full-Cycle Automation Suite, making it the best choice for widespread adoption. A user-friendly visual interface supported by free training from the Kryon RPA Academy empowers customers to become citizen developers regardless of previous skill level. They’re free to unleash their creativity on problem-solving automation. Who knows what life-changing apps are waiting to be developed? 

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What do you think of our picks for key RPA trends? Let us know in the comments below. 

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