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7 Benefits of Automating Document Creation in Salesforce

Automating the process of document creation – whether those documents are thank you letters, quotes, contracts, licensing agreements or something else – offers several clear, direct benefits. You save time. You save money. And you decrease document errors.

Nintex Technical Evangelist Michael Machado gives document generation demos to people who appreciate those time savings. In some cases, they’ve been copying and pasting data into Excel to deliver quarterly business reviews, and are pleased that a document creation process that takes two hours when done manually can take just 15 seconds.

“They’re shocked,” Michael says. “So many lightbulbs go off in their heads and then they want to go ahead and build out everything as a use case. You can hear them on the phone go crazy: ‘We can do this and we can do this and we can do this.’ They’re thinking 10 steps ahead.”

Those moments where customers realize how much time they’ll save make us just as excited as they are. But we’re equally excited by the numerous indirect benefits reported by customers that adopt Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation. I’m talking about the benefits that may surprise those focused on time and money savings, and that go far beyond document generation.

For some organizations, these indirect benefits can make an even bigger impact on both individual success in the organization and the overall success of the organization. Let’s look at seven of the indirect benefits of automating document creation.

1. Increase Data Compliance and Salesforce Adoption

As a result of automating your document processes entirely in Salesforce, your organization will organically see a substantial improvement in data compliance and Salesforce adoption. And for obvious reasons – individuals can only access their documents via Salesforce and can only merge either Salesforce or third party data into those documents.

Learn how Cartelligent significantly improved data integrity and compliance since documents are now completed based on data entered into Salesforce.

2.  Reduce resources dedicated to documents

Prior to automating document creation processes, many organizations dedicated multiple resources to auditing and managing documents. This not only includes employees, but also additional software or technology.

When companies no longer require these resources, they can reallocate people to other projects and eliminate the cost of additional technology.

3.  Decrease training time ramping up new team members

Any team member will tell you that the most challenging part of a new job is learning the internal processes. With automated document creation in Salesforce, you now have a replicable process that allows you to ramp up new hires faster than ever so they can focus on the work you hired them to do. No more training on how to create and deliver various documents in the sales process – leads, opportunities, contracts and renewals to name a few.

4.  Protect sensitive data

Many documents distributed internally or externally contain sensitive data – including pricing, financial figures, sales results, and customer consumption data. Automating document creation processes in Salesforce limits data exposure on an individual’s desktop and prevents that data from accidentally landing in the hands of the wrong party.

Your data and documents sit together in a single repository, and you can control permissions and delivery of the data.

5.  Reduce the number of documents you manage

With Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation, you control document versions and content, which limits the total number of documents created by individuals across an organization.

Meritage Homes knows firsthand the impact of automating document creation. The company automated 98% of the data in its contract processes, and reduced the number of documents used to create a new home contract from 1,200 to 125.

6.   Use consistent branding

Whether a 20-person business or a 10,000-person company, organizations must present a consistent brand both in voice and visuals.

Now you have control of not only document content, but also of document templates, ensuring that everyone across the organization represents the company with the same color scheme, logos and graphics.

7.  Create a repeatable business service

Perhaps the most important indirect benefit of automating document processes in Salesforce is that a tedious individual task is now transformed into a repeatable business service for your entire organization.

Every employee, whether they started yesterday or have been with the company for years, can access the same data, documents and process to merge and generate a document package in the flow of your business.


Automating document creation transforms your document processes from a productivity drain to a productivity gain. To learn more, visit the Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation page on our website.

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