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5 Workflow Hacks to Keep Our Sales Team Agile

In Sales, success comes down to your ability to respond to opportunities, backed up by precise execution. However, if you’re spending more time on administration tasks than sales, you’re losing business by not maximizing your time investment.

As Regional Sales Director at Nintex, one key aspect of my role is to build and manage a sustainable high-performing Sales team.

This means leading an exceptional team of salespeople, but also fostering an environment of hustle, productivity and execution. My job is to keep things running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. What businesses need to realize is that it’s difficult, even impossible, to have that kind of culture if your process is riddled with complications like constant delays, duplicate data entry or disjointed systems.

So, how can you improve your Sales team’s flow to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency?

The following five workflow hacks will save a lot of time and keep your Sales team sharp.

Prospect Requests

Keeping a potential client’s attention once you’ve got it is key to generating leads. So, whether it’s a request for a demonstration, a free trial or pricing, we have a workflow set in place for when a customer or prospect shows interest in our products.

On our website, prospects fill out a Nintex form that navigates their specific interest or request. The workflow behind the form sends the request to Salesforce, a lead is created and sent to a development representative who qualifies it, and that information is forwarded to the appropriate field seller. This process is all done automatically.

Now, imagine doing that manually – it’s similar to comparing doing business at the speed of the fax machine with doing business over fiber broadband. By automating this process with a workflow, I know my team isn’t losing potential clients to a slow or complicated process – and is instead securing more success for the company.

Approval Workflows Through CRM

From requests for adjustments in price to requests for further documentation, we use workflows leveraging Salesforce to complete approvals. These request submissions are generated through Salesforce and the Nintex workflow behind those submissions will then send a request to the manager that needs to approve it. It’s great because the Nintex workflow platform can implement multi-level approvals so requests aren’t just sitting in someone’s inbox.

Allowing automated workflows to manage that process frees up my team’s time and allows us to turn our focus away from administrative tasks.

Contract Management

Some great business relationships make a turn for the worst because of contractual issues and the reality is, most of them are completely preventable. Yet according to IACCM, fragmented contract management leads to an average revenue loss of 9.2% or $153 billion.

Sure, contract management can be a labor-intensive process and oftentimes it results in complications like poor policy compliance, inaccurate information and delayed sales cycles–but it doesn’t have to be.

By automating the process using workflows and other Nintex products, you can streamline the process with efficient document approvals, electronic signatures and scheduled alerts. Contracts can be auto-generated in Word, PDF, or Excel file formats to eliminate lost paperwork, automatic notifications can be set prior to contract renewal dates, and contracts can be easily audited to ensure there are no violations of any terms.

Accelerate your sales cycles while ensuring compliance, improving customer satisfaction and boosting revenue. A great business relationship should never end because of contractual issues – especially when there’s a simple fix with workflows that otherwise would end with thousands of sales dollars being lost.

Read our Contract Management Solution Scenario for more on how your contract management process can be improved.

Feedback Portal

Personally, I use workflows every time I request feedback on an employee.

The workflow sends out requests to peers to get reviews and feedback on a team member. With 6-month reviews for a whole team, these requests come up frequently. It’s much easier for me to have these processes stored in one place and automatically distributed than manually having to track down documents for each employee.

Because this is all done through workflows (as opposed to email), it’s not hidden somewhere – it’s not a document I have to dig up to find.

That’s been very helpful because I don’t have to go reinvent the wheel every time but instead, it’s there and ready to go. And that’s just one internal example. We have feedback portals processed by workflows externally for customers and partners that also play an integral part of our sales process.

Exec Summaries & Customer Account Reviews

We also use a workflow to create account reviews for customers. Every time we have an account review pulled up, we create an executive summary giving us the highlights of a customer with any specific challenges or needs they have.

As part of the process of getting a team ready to meet with the customer, everyone on the team needs a copy of the documentation.

Nintex Document Generation generates and extracts relevant information to create the summary and a workflow is then used to send it out to emails and mobile devices. The team then has the data we need sitting in one place so we know where we can access it quickly.

This is a very powerful workflow because it eliminates a lot of time and data pulling that we now don’t have to do on our own.

Workflows Have Huge Value for Our Sales Team

Workflows have helped myself and my team execute at our maximum potential. If we had to jump through these hoops every time we began our sales process, there would be a lot less time on our hands – not to mention lower productivity and customer satisfaction.

The next time you catch you or your Sales team spending too much time digging through emails or manually creating invoices, deploy these workflow hacks to save you those precious minutes.


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