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5 Ways Process Discovery Makes RPA a Better Business Investment

If your company is not fully utilizing the potential of RPA – or you haven’t started implementing automation yet – what’s the main factor holding you back?

For many businesses, the answer is that they simply don’t feel ready to overcome the hurdles to getting started with RPA and continuing to automate additional tasks. It’s not that they don’t realize that automation can help them cut costs, increase efficiency, and prevent human errors. It’s just that the cost and time involved in planning, setup, and continuous process optimization seem too high, and – perhaps most importantly – they don’t know where to begin.

The good news? Last month saw RPA’s barrier to entry plummet, while the path to RPA optimization got both shorter and smoother. Following the launch of our new Process Discovery capability, you now have a faster, easier, less expensive, and more reliable way than ever before to identify the ideal processes for automation and then automate them – making RPA a more promising business investment.

More specifically, here are five ways Process Discovery boosts RPA’s potential for all types of companies:

1.  A more reliable road map 

Until recently, identifying the best processes to automate was a manual, painstaking process that could involve quite a bit of guesswork. No longer.

With Process Discovery, software robots can observe your business processes while you work, collecting data on these processes in the background without disrupting you. Then, our AI-powered discovery engine analyzes this information, identifies specific tasks, and automatically gives each task an overall automation priority level, based on factors such as the following:

  • The number of times the discovery robots observed the task being performed
  • The number of employees performing the task
  • The task’s frequency
  • The number of steps involved in the task
  • The average amount of time the task takes
  • The number of variants of the task

To gain insight into the reasoning behind our recommendations, you can easily view the key data for each identified process, right in the Kryon Console. And if there are variations in the way your employees perform a task, you can see each variant mapped out visually and view a breakdown of how frequently each variant is used. As a result, you can trust that you’re basing your decisions on solid, unbiased information.

2.  A shorter path to RPA

In the days before Process Discovery, the number of steps involved in planning and setting up a company’s automation made implementation a relatively slow process. And given that RPA is a major investment, businesses would typically want to make sure they were really planning for success before jumping in. As a result, the steps that would need to occur before your company could even start running automated processes might include the following (not to mention training and setting up the technical aspects of your software robots):

  1. Identifying the work processes that you could potentially automate
  2. Determining criteria by which to set your automation priorities
  3. Recording key data about each of the identified work processes
  4. Analyzing your data to identify the processes best suited for automation
  5. Deciding which processes to automate and prioritizing them
  6. Creating automation workflows for your robots to follow

Process Discovery makes it easy to automate nearly every part of this process. Not only can Kryon’s discovery robots and AI-powered discovery engine identify the processes best suited for automation, but they can even create workflows that your robots can follow to perform each of these processes. Then, you can quickly export a workflow to the Kryon Studio, where you can edit the workflow before finally implementing it. This way, you get the final say about which variants of a given process you want to automate and how to fine-tune a workflow before implementing it.

The upshot? Process Discovery gives you all the data you need to streamline the process of planning and implementing your automations. That way, once you decide you want to automate a certain work process, you can enjoy a significantly shorter turnaround time before your robots are actually performing it. And that means you can enjoy all the key benefits of automation – the reduced costs, the increased reliability, and the enhanced efficiency – that much sooner.

3.  A drop in automation-related costs

Just like Process Discovery enables you to more quickly identify tasks ideally suited for automation and start automating them, it also reduces the amount of human resources involved. By giving your employees tools that increase their efficiency, you can decrease the number of work hours – and, thus, the financial cost – involved in identifying work processes, evaluating them, setting priorities, and creating automation workflows.

But these short-term benefits are only part of the cost reductions that Process Discovery offers you. By helping you make sure you’re picking the best processes to automate, this capability can also decrease your RPA-related expenses in the long run. At the same time, because its recommendations factor in key analytics about your specific work processes, Process Discovery can also help you set your priorities in ways that ultimately maximize the savings your RPA investment brings you.

4.  Improved information security 

If information security is a concern for your business (and – let’s be honest – today it should be a concern for every business), Process Discovery should help you rest easy. When Kryon’s robots gather and analyze data about your business processes, all of that information stays on your premises, so you never have to worry about it being transmitted online. And for extra security, Process Discovery lets you designate specific applications or scenarios about which your robots will not gather data, even on your premises.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of Process Discovery when it comes to information security stems from the analysis you won’t have to conduct. Not only will you not need to bring in outside consultants to help you determine which business processes to automate – but, even within your company, you can minimize the number of people who have access to sensitive information about your processes. Since the data collection and analysis are performed by robots and not people, you can make sure your most sensitive data is really restricted to those who need to know.

5.  Enhanced scalability 

If you’re like many companies, once you begin using RPA and see the value it offers you, you will want to expand your use of automation. There’s a good chance that you’ll want to increase both the number of robots making up your virtual workforce and the number of processes these robots perform throughout your organization. While this could give a powerful boost to your overall efficiency, it also can entail substantial decision-making processes, which could consume a significant amount of time and resources.

With Process Discovery, you can streamline the analysis required to make smart, reliable business decisions as you grow your RPA solutions, just as you would while getting started with automation. When you want to want to decide which process (or variant) to automate next, you can use Kryon’s robots to get the insights you need, instead of making a large investment of additional time and human resources in conducting research and analysis.

Additionally, you can use Process Discovery to identify ways to improve the processes you have already automated, and then adjust your automation workflows for optimal efficiency and reliability. By giving you detailed analytics about each process and automatically generating workflows for your robots to follow, this technology offers you a simpler path to continuous process optimization. So, whether you’re just getting started with RPA or you’re an experienced user looking to improve your robots’ performance over time, you’re empowered to make the most of automation for your business – while saving time, resources, and money.

Want to learn more about how Process Discovery can help you streamline your use of RPA, whether you’re new to Kryon’s automation solutions or you’re an experienced user? And to see our software robots in action, schedule a live demo today!

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