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5 Ways Document Generation Helps Financial Services

Salesforce just announced the availability of its Financial Services Cloud, a new product that promotes itself as Salesforce reinvented for financial advisors. We consider this an exciting addition to Salesforce’s platform and strong reinforcement of the tremendous value of automating the creation of financial services documents.

Salesforce’s new product is aimed at transforming the financial advisor-client relationship and is Salesforce’s response to a growing number of investors who want more from financial services in this digital age. They don’t want quarterly, paper-driven reviews. And they don’t want to have to call their financial advisor to make changes to their portfolios.

Numbers back the financial services trend toward precise, proactive and personalized financial information provided on any device.

Here are just a few statistics:


Financial Services Industry at a Crossroads

Documents may be a universal truth across organizations, but every industry has unique document requirements to transact business.  The financial services industry is at a crossroads. After years of shunning cloud solutions, financial services companies are rapidly adopting them.

Not only are firms finally comfortable that these solutions meet security and compliance needs, but they also recognize that cloud solutions can distinguish their firm from the competition.

Financial firms have always produced and collected an abundance of data, whether it’s customer- or investment performance-specific. The challenge has been managing the volume and presenting it in an intuitive and user-friendly way that doesn’t take hours, if not days, to produce.

While financial services firms adopt Salesforce to manage data, many of these companies struggle with getting that data into documents. Whether firms generate or receive them, the industry is inundated with either manually creating or shuffling paper documents.

With consumers’ growing demand for precise, proactive and personalized financial information on any device, there’s never been a better time to consider automating your company’s document creation.


How Does Document Generation Help Financial Services?

Enter automated document generation. Regardless of the complexity of your data, regulatory requirements or investment complexity, automated document generation allows Financial Services Cloud to meet your document requirements.

Automated document creation not only addresses the internal needs of your company, but also improves customer interactions and delivers a service to create whatever is needed at every customer stage – onboarding, investing and servicing for long-term customer success.

Here are five major ways document generation can help financial services firms:

  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing the amount of time it takes to create documents – from hours to minutes
  • Improve customer engagement by creating documents customized to customers’ specific needs and requirements
  • Mitigate regulatory pain for your team and customers by building these requirements into your business process
  • Consistently reinforce your company’s brand and reputation by controlling document templates and content
  • Develop innovative and compelling documents that add value to the decision-making process


What Documents Can Financial Services Automate?

With Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation, you can automate a wide variety of financial services documents, including new account onboarding, fund/investment statements, account records, invoices, buy/sell orders, portfolio reviews and transaction confirmations.

Let’s look at five common documents you can automatically generate:

1.  Tear Sheets

Instead of creating these individually (and there can be hundreds!), a document generation app automatically merges data from Salesforce or any other financial services database with a document template to create tear sheets specific to an investment. You can then automate the distribution of these en masses to your clients.

2.  Capital Call Letters

While these are also produced in volume, it’s important that a capital call letter is personalized and unique to each investor. To further complicate matters, the same investor may own investments in different entities, e.g. a trust, a partnership. With a document generation app, you’re able to address both needs but reduce the time it takes to produce them from hours or days to minutes.

3.  New Account Onboarding

The paperwork involved in new account onboarding is complex, particularly as the sophistication of the customer grows. Whether it’s a new trust account, retirement account or alternative investment, document generation streamlines this process to simplify new accounts while providing a seamless and pleasant experience for the customer.

4.  Presentations

Presentations are a vital daily need for financial firm representatives as they serve prospective and existing clients. A document generation app integrated with your data enables your reps to tailor presentations with product information specific to that client. Your firm maintains a consistent brand and message while your rep has spent only minutes vs. hours building the deck.

5.  Financial Summaries & Portfolio Reviews

Whether it’s via a quarterly or an annual report, financial firms are required to provide consistent updates on a client’s portfolio, capital, investment or fund performance. Instead of manually consolidating this data, a document generation app can pull the appropriate investment information specific to each client and automatically update him or her on performance and other analytics.


Visit the Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation page on our website and our Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation section on the Nintex Connect community site for more information on automating document creation.


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