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5 things your Nintex Promapp® homepage does for you

Nintex Promapp® is the business process platform that teams love to use. It engages staff at every level with easy-to-find-and-follow processes that cultivate a continuous improvement conversation, providing avenues for making good processes even better and ensuring they’re available to all.

While that ease-of-access and centrality of process information have made it the business process solution for thousands of businesses, the value of the humble Nintex Promapp® homepage should not be underestimated.

It’s personalized

The Nintex Promapp® homepage isn’t just a landing page for your organization. It’s a personalized welcome to the process hub for your company.

5 things your Nintex Promapp® homepage does for you

While the menu and search box (top right corner of the screen) give quick access to all the key functions and features of the platform, just below them are two value-adding links that offer a much more tailored experience.

The ‘Processes I’m In’ and ‘Processes I Own’ links give you instant access to those key sets of processes that are directly related to your process activity.

‘Processes I’m In’ takes you to a complete list of every process that assigns an activity to one of the roles you are associated with. Whether as a stakeholder or participant, the processes are listed with the relevant process group, owner and expert included, and each one links directly to the process map and procedure documents. They can even be filtered further by the process groups or specific role or responsibility related to them, so users with multiple duties can distinguish which processes relate to which requirement.

The ‘Processes I Own’ list is similar but contains a summary of all the processes that you are specifically the owner or expert for. This too can be filtered and allows for quick and easy access to those processes where you’re a key stakeholder.

Search for success

At the heart of the Nintex Promapp® homepage is the search box. While the quick links make it easy to review the core processes a user is involved in, there are often other processes that you need to find but don’t know where to look.

The search feature takes key words and scours the process library to present the most likely candidates for the process you’re looking for. The search function looks not just at process titles, but group names, the activities, tasks and notes, and any linked procedures that may be part of the process. Of course, the ‘search terms’ section of the process is also checked and given priority in the results returned.

The search results will highlight the terms matched in any process, so it’s easy to see where in the process itself they occur, ensuring you can easily understand why those processes were found and then identify the one you need.

If you find what you’re looking for, there’s no need to repeat the process next time. Just beneath the search box, the ‘Recently Viewed’ process list shows the last twenty processes viewed, so you can quickly return to where you left off. The ‘My Favorites’ tab behind it allows you to quickly access any processes you regularly want to find and have selected as ‘favorite’ destinations.

Instant updates

One of the key benefits of Nintex Promapp® is the personalized updates that let users know what needs their attention in any area. That information is also always on hand on the user homepage. It’s an instant and easy-to-read reminder of exactly what needs doing to maintain your process library.

Reminders include processes that have been changed or updated, checklists that need completing, feedback that is awaiting review and risk signoffs that are due for attention. The reminders are color-coded so you can understand at a glance which elements need the more urgent attention and keep a real-time tally of how many items are due.

Finding the details is as easy as clicking the link, which takes you to a full list of the relevant processes or items, which can be reviewed, signed off, or replied to with just a few clicks.

Governance at a glance

At the very end of your homepage is a treasure you may not have uncovered yet. The process governance summary gives a snapshot of your overall business process health.

In one glance you can see what proportion of your company processes are published, what proportion are currently being worked on or drafted, and how many are due for review. When those arcs start to shift, it’s a good sign that people may need to be reminded about their process responsibilities.

Alongside are a couple of simple metrics that also help tell that story. The feedback tally indicates how many responses processes have had, and how many still require replies. This is a good sign of the level of process engagement, and how active process owners and experts are in responding to user comments.

The number of process views indicates unique page views of your processes across the whole organization, giving a metric that can point to how well the business is using the process information available.

Learn and grow

The training video section of the Nintex Promapp® homepage is often skipped over, as most users feel they have the basics under control. However, it’s more than just a couple of promotional clips.

Clicking the ‘Show More’ link at the bottom reveals a dozen videos that explore some of the key functionality of the platform, as well as helpful training on how to write effective processes, how to capture key process steps, and how to manage documents and attachments to give processes multi-media support.

Nintex Promapp® is a valuable tool for managing processes, but it’s much more than just an online procedure manual. Try exploring some of the features of the homepage for yourself and see just how much you can do to build better business processes and engage with your teams for process excellence.



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Thomas Kohlenbach

Thomas Kohlenbach is a senior product specialist at Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation. He has over 12 years’ experience implementing initiatives related to continuous improvement (Kaizen/Six Sigma), change management and system integration, across automotive and financial services industries. Thomas is a passionate business improvement advocate who has helped organizations around the world to decrease operational costs and drive cultural change.

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