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5 Takeaways from BoxWorks 2018

The Nintex team had a great experience attending BoxWorks 2018 in San Francisco last week, so I wanted to share some of my key takeaways from the event and relay some of the interesting questions posed to attendees during the breakout sessions.

This post features five distinct topics discussed at the event that generated interest and were the focus of most sessions and keynotes.

1.  Digital Transformation and the Imperative to Digitize

There were multiple sessions and keynotes at this year’s BoxWorks that focused on the future of work, and a resounding theme that centered on digitizing your business, or risk getting left behind.

Let’s face it, no matter what industry or functional area you’re in, the forces of digital transformation are increasing pressures on organizations large and small. On the flip side, there are some amazing opportunities to break away from the pack by taking advantage of all that these technologies can provide.

The most popular areas attendees discussed are the opportunities around providing a streamlined customer experience, leveraging AI and machine learning, and the elimination of manual processes.

2.  The Rise of Machines and Impact on the Workplace

This year’s special guest star was the elephant in the room – the benevolent machine.

Whether it takes the form of a budding AI solution or machine learning, the topic was in nearly every session and keynote. Why? Because intelligent technologies are leveling the playing field for all businesses.

The tools previously have solely been available to a select few enterprises with massive resources is now available to even the smallest of businesses. While there seemed to be a lot of interest in the concept of leveraging machines to get work done more efficiently, many attendees noted that they weren’t sure how to implement it effectively.

Not surprisingly, discussions around this topic quickly raised concerns about the impact on the common worker. Examples of how even highly-skilled workers can find their jobs supplanted by such advancements were common, as were lively discussions about eliminating bias in machine learning.

3.  It’s All About “Best-of-Breed”

Over the past few decades, there have been alternating waves of preference for either a “single provider” or “best-of-breed” ecosystem for storing and maintaining content and data.

At BoxWorks 2018, there seemed to be a distinct preference for the later. Organizations today are running more cloud-based solutions than ever before, particularly with the virtual cornucopia of solutions that meet the unique needs of customers in the long tail of business.

Add in the growing interoperability amongst these solutions, through connectors and open APIs, and these solutions are quickly coming together to create a largely seamless user experience.

4.  Visibility & Collaboration

Box’s new functionality announcements were largely focused on the best practices users are putting into place, and how those techniques and tools could apply to a range of solutions.

Want to see how your files are being leveraged by other stakeholders, or receive real-time updates on document updates, activities, or recommended content on Box? The unified activity stream and Box feed aim to provide this.

In this age of “always on” digital media, these new capabilities seem particularly apt for a work environment that is increasingly resembling consumer experiences.

5.  Workflow Automation to the Rescue

From a department use case like automating HR processes, to an immensely powerful cognitive service, or an enterprise-wide solution connecting disparate systems together – the ability to automate, optimize, and orchestrate your business processes is critical to becoming a fully digital business.

Simply taking a manual process and replacing it with automation is a start but not the endpoint. Rather, knowing the outcome of a process and completely re-evaluating how to get there using industry-leading workflow and content automation technologies is the key to success.

Processes and their accompanying workflows evolve with a business. What might have worked well last year may not reflect the current compliance regulations, technology landscape, or business environment this year. This lends itself to a need for increased agility to evolve workflows to respond to such dynamic situations.

And who best to help drive the automation of processes than the people who manage them on a regular basis?  By equipping IT and ops professionals within sales, marketing, HR, legal and finance departments with a no code digital business platform like Nintex, your business be able to respond to today’s opportunities, better serve your customers, and have more time to focus on strategic endeavors.


BoxWorks 2018 was an incredible experience with a solid variety of customer use cases, pontifications on the future of business, and best practice sharing. We look forward to continuing the conversation and delivering solutions that help organizations realize the full benefits of automating, orchestrating and optimizing their content-based business processes in 2018 and beyond.


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Jason Tillman

As a senior member of the Nintex product marketing team, Jason Tillman focuses on the financial services industry and helping companies within it automate, orchestrate, and optimize simple to sophisticated business processes through the use of intelligent process automation technology. He’s spent more than 15 years honing his craft at companies ranging from Microsoft and SAP Concur to small pre-IPO startups.

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