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5 Reasons Why Smart RPA Vendors Have Their Heads in the Cloud

In the technology industry, change is constantly accelerating. Each new business challenge presents opportunities for evolution. However, sometimes we need to stop and look back at where we came from to find the best path forward. This is the case with RPA in the cloud.

At its inception, robotic process automation (RPA) was built for local (on-premise) deployment. In the office-of-yesterday, nearly all work was done on-site and on desktop PCs, so RPA architecture was created to support that common structure. In today’s digital-first world, especially with the necessary precautions to combat COVID-19, employees work from anywhere and everywhere. They can be productive and efficient at home, in hotels, in cafes, on planes, and on a multitude of devices.


In a recent column on innovation, we discussed how rapid technology advancement can hinder efforts to add new features to existing product builds. Migrating systems to the cloud presents the same challenge. But it’s a necessary one to keep pace with the way people work today.

A New Infrastructure to Support the Future of Work

For some vendors, development of Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) means taking existing products and manipulating them until they work with the cloud. Instead, it’s smarter to reconstruct the underlying foundation of automation and build something new, specifically to meet modern business needs. Today’s work environment may be a hybrid of on-site and remote workers, but what about the office of tomorrow?

Cloud-Based Services Are the Future of Business

Natural disasters and global pandemics are not the only events to disrupt business continuity. In an always-on, global economy, downtime is the enemy. Human error caused a six-day obstruction of the Suez Canal, one of the world’s most important trade routes. This delay caused a trade loss of $9.6 billion! Whether it is several hours or several days, no one can afford to have their business processes fail, even temporarily.

With cloud-based services, employees access data and services from anywhere with internet connectivity. Apps, programs, and information are stored with the cloud provider, giving employees access to everything they need to perform their jobs. This not only gives them the ability to leverage RPA to improve departmental efficiency, but relieves the organization from the burden of hardware investment and maintenance. The cloud model works so well that recent Everest Group research reports that 90% of enterprises have adopted some form of cloud-based services.

Security is often a concern for both company and customer data. But recent changes to privacy and security standards mitigate the risk of data theft or loss and protect important information assets. As global privacy standards continue to evolve and become more stringent, security will only improve. Therefore, RPA vendors must ensure that their cloud-based solutions meet certifications to adhere to these standards.

The Unparalleled Benefits of Cloud-Based RPA

The benefits of utilizing the cloud for RPA are realized at the onset of deploying automation solutions, with remote installation eliminating the need for time-consuming travel and on-site visits. Where in-person deployments could take weeks of expensive consultant time to implement, remote installs can be activated quickly, accelerating realization of ROI while reducing total cost of ownership and workplace disruption. A Deloitte survey found that the return on investment in RPA most often occurred in less than 12 months. As more companies take advantage of the cloud to keep pace with demand, this figure is sure to shrink.

Remote management makes it easy to orchestrate deployments and allows companies to scale to handle high volume workloads. It is not just the cost reduction or improved efficiency of the cloud that companies benefit from. It is the enhanced agility, reduced dependence on IT, and resistance to continuity interruptions that drives successful enterprise adoption.

More Than Just Bots

Organizations of all sizes are adopting RPA. That it cuts costs, improves accuracy, and improves efficiency is not disputed. But what is also undisputed is that most organizations are under-utilizing automation. We know that a high number of enterprise organizations deploy 5, 10 or fifteen bots. This is a shockingly low number considering the number of repetitive workflows most companies rely on. To truly gain the benefits of RPA in the cloud, a total solution capable of rapid scale is needed: a cloud-native infrastructure built from the ground up to leverage the capabilities of the cloud provider and everything the internet has to offer.

RPA isn’t just about automating workflows and deploying bots; it’s about intelligently assessing every aspect of the organization for automation. Process Discovery is a key part of Kryon RPA-as-a-Service. It is not enough to automate a workflow. First, you must discover which workflows make sense to automate (hint: it’s more than you think!). Kryon Real-Time Process DiscoveryTM uncovers the steps for each successful workflow, finds the best path, and recommends automations. You can skip the costly business consultants and employee self-reporting. In fact, there are A Million Reasons to choose Kryon Process Discovery- take a look.

Upon acceptance of the recommended automations, the user is taken to the Kryon Studio where a simplified UI, low-code development, and other user-friendly features make it easy to create and deploy a solution in hours, not days or weeks. Once deployed, orchestration and optimization continue to happen in real-time, allowing companies to nimbly respond to problems or sudden upticks in workloads.

Where Can RPA Take You?

The facts and figures surrounding RPA are impressive, but what do they really mean? What drives us? Cost reductions, saved man-hours, increased efficiency–they all boil down to the same thing: time. We would all like to make more money in less time. We would like fewer things we have to do and more time for the things we want to do. We want freedom over how we spend our time. RPA gives us that.

By choosing products not adapted to, but designed for the cloud, and taking advantage of the accessibility, flexibility and increased reliability of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we can reimagine the role RPA plays in today (and tomorrow’s) workplace.

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