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5 Reasons to Join the Nintex Partner Program

Technology Partner Program Manager Ray Ganske loves hearing from prospective partners interested in the Nintex Partner Program.

Sometimes, a company brings the partner team an already built and deployed solution integrating Nintex Workflow. Other times, a company will approach Nintex at the encouragement of a customer that wants a solution that integrates both companies’ technologies.

Either way a company connects with the Nintex Partner Program, it’s a “really awesome” moment, Ray says.

“It’s really a huge opportunity to take the solution they currently have and extend the value of it tremendously in a very short amount of time,” he says. “They can bring additional capabilities with Nintex Workflow and be able to provide that additional value to customers and create a very sticky solution that will serve to be a long-term customer relationship.”

Beginning this weekend, Nintex and hundreds of other Microsoft partners are gathering in Toronto, Ontario in Canada to network, learn about the Microsoft roadmap and talk about the future of the channel.

We value this conference as an opportunity to connect with existing Nintex partners as well as meet other companies that are doing incredible work to help drive customer success.

Here are five reasons why solution providers, training providers and technology partners join the Nintex Partner Program.

1.  Easy Sale for Business Users

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Synergy operates offices on five continents, providing diverse business technology services and solutions. Initially, the features of the Nintex Workflow Platform impressed Synergy executives and interested them in the Nintex Partner Program. The company recognized that the ability for anyone to pick up a process or a form and convert it into a workflow would be a huge asset to customers struggling with SharePoint’s out-of-the-box options.

Clients especially appreciate how quick and easy it is for business users with no technical background to build workflows, according to Australia Regional Manager Ben Creamer and Hawaii Regional Manager Chris Bayot. One customer benefits from an employee onboarding process that now takes 20 minutes rather than a week because of a Nintex workflow solution.

Instead of having to rely on developers, business users can create workflows themselves. The user-friendly interface means that they see the visual design they’re used to seeing in Visio.

“For us, it gives us that easy sell, that value prop that we can say to someone, ‘This is a product where you do some fantastic stuff with it. With a little bit of training, you can run with it.’ It’s not a requirement for expensive developer resources to make modifications,” Ben says.

“It’s a much quicker return on investment,” Chris says. “If they give a request to IT, it sits in a queue. If we can put Nintex Workflow in the hands of the business users, they can create their own solutions following some training and not have to wait. They can get things up and running much more quickly than they otherwise would.”

2.  Numerous Sales and Marketing Resources

Based in Sydney, Australia, Antares Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in information management and productivity solutions. Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile are often a piece of that solution for Antares’ clients.

“Partnering with Nintex helps us enhance our brand, and enables us to close more business deals,” says Antares Solutions CEO Simon Cheadle. “There is no doubt that Nintex is the easiest and most supportive partner within the Microsoft ecosystem. Simply stated, the partnership just works.”

One reason it works? The Nintex Partner Program offers Antares comprehensive support and resources, including:

  • Pre-sales assistance
  • Co-funded marketing campaigns
  • Demonstration environments
  • Self-service training
  • Marketing-in-a-box campaigns
  • Pipeline management

“Even though we don’t have extensive internal sales and marketing resources of our own, we have realized significant revenue gains since partnering with Nintex,” he says. “Our joint marketing initiatives to date have had such success that we are going to be focusing more on them moving forward, and working with Nintex to develop strategies for some of our key clients.”

3.  Strengthened Microsoft Connection

Japan Business Systems, Inc. signed its first Service Provider License Agreement with Microsoft in 1995. That longstanding partnership with Microsoft drives the business. JBS develops solutions that enhance Microsoft technology, including SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange, Dynamics and Azure.

When it started, JBS focused on helping customers set up their Microsoft technology, says Sayuri Asai, who works in the Business Solution Development Department of JBS’s Business Development & Marketing Division. Joining the Nintex Partner Program has helped the company expand its offerings and build a reputation for being skilled at the application side as well.

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Partner of the Year – in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015 – has strengthened its Microsoft expertise – and expanded opportunities with customers – by partnering with Nintex.

“We were looking for software that fits with the Microsoft system, especially for SharePoint,” Sayuri-san says. “We heard that Nintex has a good relationship with Microsoft as a company, and that for a workflow system that uses a SharePoint engine, it’s the best one.

“To use Nintex lets the customer knows that we are also good at the application side,” she says. “We not only set up the infrastructure side but we also know their business and can use the system to contribute to the business side. Our impact is expanded.”

4.  Collaboration on Technology Integration

RecordPoint, which develops technology that extends the native document and records management capabilities in SharePoint and Office 365, is a Nintex technology partner. The company expects its business ultimately to be 100 percent in the cloud.

Eighty percent of RecordPoint’s customers use Nintex at some level in their enterprises, says Chief Technology Officer Anthony Woodward. The cloud makes this partnership even more important.

Before the partnership, customers would create apps and processes to bring the two technologies together. They wanted a way to call and consume a RecordPoint service from within a Nintex workflow, without leaving it.  Or see a workflow history as part of a RecordPoint record. Or capture actions, such as signing a document using DocuSign, without having to wait for the document to show up in SharePoint.

Nintex embraced the collaboration necessary to make that happen, Anthony says, and that openness is “really” unusual in partners.

“Our engineers get together for whiteboarding sessions,” he says. “Nintex engineers offer advice. There’s really shared ownership of the outcome.”

5.  True Value and Partnership

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner DocPoint Solutions partnered with Nintex in 2010 because the company’s customers sought easy-to-use and fast-to-market workflow solutions “and Nintex delivers on both counts,” says DocPoint President Scott Swidersky.

The partnership offers tremendous value to DocPoint’s SharePoint practice. At the beginning of the partnership, DocPoint’s revenue was $202,000. By 2013, the company’s Nintex sales had jumped to $15 million.

“The Nintex Workflow engine is so powerful and commitment to partner support is so strong, it’s been a real game-changer for our SharePoint customers – and for us,” he says. “We strategically plan to more than double our Nintex sales in 2014.”

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Interested in partnering with Nintex? Learn more about how to become a Nintex Partner Program here.

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