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5 Nintex Blog Posts You Might’ve Missed in 2018

As the year comes to a close, we took a look back some of our favorite Nintex Blog posts in 2018. Below are five posts from Nintex that you might’ve missed this year, but are definitely worth the read!

1.  Are Inefficient Processes to Blame for Shadow IT?

What employee doesn’t want to take the quickest path to success? It’s human nature to want to solve problems efficiently. But what happens when workarounds and shortcuts undermine the larger operation?

In this post, Nintex Systems Engineer Pat Nguyen explores the rise of Shadow IT practices, and how broken and inefficient processes may lead to larger problems within your organization.

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2.  Digital Transformation Starts with Line of Business Process Automation

True digital transformation comes down to improving the broader processes within the business. No-code business process automation (BPA) tools are therefore essential to evolving processes and driving a business’s digital transformation efforts—particularly in areas where automated processes can spread across the breadth of the business.

In this post, we explore the democratization of technology and the benefit of a powerful automation platform that is easy enough for the line of business employee to adopt, but trusted by IT to get the job done in the right way.

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3.  How Automating the Sales Pipeline Process Will Boost Conversions

Is your sales pipeline broken? Many companies fail to realize the inefficiencies that lay within their sales processes, and the resulting issues that stem from an underperforming sales organization.

This post discusses how the automated sales pipeline process can revolutionize how you convert leads into customers – and it’s easier than you might think.

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4.  How a Government Agency is Optimizing its Contract Approval Processes with Nintex

Working with limited resources and tight budgets, public sector organizations often have a hard time knowing where to start in their pursuit of digital transformation. Contract approval processes are a great place to begin. Why? Because most organizations spend heavily on contracts, with companies in certain industries having 90 percent or more of their costs tied to contracts.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) quickly realized the benefits of digitizing and automating its contract approval processes with Nintex. Learn how MRA has shaved the time it takes to complete contract approvals thanks to greater visibility into the workflows and better business alignment.

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5.  5 Project Management Pitfalls to Avoid

There are a lot of ways a project can get derailed or go wrong. In business, we’re always looking for effective ways to get our projects to run more seamlessly. With Nintex, you can design and build automated workflows which easily connect the people and systems you use every day to better manage your projects.

This post explores how managing, automating, and optimizing your processes can help you stay connected with your team, fully utilize your available resources, and accelerate your project timelines.

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