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4 ways legal firms and servicers use eSignature to outperform competition

Did you know that lawyers, judges, legal tech providers, and other legal staff process and manage more documents than any other industry?

With high document counts and the crucial need for security and cybersecurity, it stands to reason that law practices along with the rest of the legal sector would be an early and frequent adopter of document management innovation. Yet, law offices and legal service providers are on the lower end of the spectrum regarding the adoption of innovations like digital transaction management (DTM) and eSignature solutions.

Unfortunately, this is often due to firms and legal vendors simply being unaware of the benefits and versatility an eSignature solution brings to their business.

Here are four benefits law firms and legal service providers can reap when trading their manual processes for a DTM and eSignature solution:

  1. Cost savings

Leading intake software provider, Captorra nearly eliminated their monthly printing, shipping, and storing costs by implementing Nintex AssureSign® for eSignature. The law firms utilizing Nintex AssureSign®–via the Captorra-Nintex AssureSign® integration–experienced an average cost reduction of 900%. Extraneous costs like overnighting documents, return postage, paper and ink purchases, and more were transformed into things of the past.

By using Nintex AssureSign®, Captorra and subscribing law offices send and receive documents in minutes. Their clients enjoy a continuous signing flow, free from distractions and self-promoting tactics found among other eSign vendors, like “log in” or “create an account” prompts. New clients are secured in minutes instead of days when legal firms and vendors digitally transform their onboarding process.

The online signing process is agile, but how do firms and legal vendors secure a document return time that’s nearly twice as fast as their competitors? They think outside the box — inbox, that is. Documents are reviewed up to 5x more quickly when they’re sent using the only communication channel touting a 98% message open rate.

  1. Competitive edge

Nintex AssureSign®’s eSign via text receives high praises from nearly every industry. Yet, the highly competitive nature among firms makes sending client onboarding forms via text message a game-changer.

One office secures more than 60% of its clients through eSign via text. That’s business they could’ve lost if their prospects weren’t empowered to review, complete and sign client onboarding forms from the device in their back pocket.

eSign via text leverages the most direct and client-preferred form of communication to yield the most agile client onboarding experience possible, all without sacrificing the legal standing or security of your documents.

  1. Security

Security is pivotal for businesses and clients alike. It’s always recommended that businesses leverage digital solutions meeting only the highest of security standards.

Yet, for legal firms and clients, we understand the need for an electronic signature and document management solution with best-in-class cybersecurity is a paramount concern.

NDAs, venture capital agreements, master service agreements, job offers, client onboarding forms, and your other sensitive documents can’t be vulnerable to security blunders. When firms choose to send documents with Nintex AssureSign®, they’re entrusting a carrier-grade eSignature solution that:

  • Meets the standards of industry regulations (HIPPA, FERPA and more)
  • Earns trusted controls certification (SOC 1, SOC 2 and more)
  • Is certified by trusted security standards (FIPS 140-2, ISO/IEC 27001)

Learn more about Nintex AssureSign®’s legal and security commitments and how Nintex ensures your data is physically safeguarded and digitally secured.

  1. Efficiency

According to Aragon Research, electronic signature is the foundational and essential building block of a functional digital transaction management infrastructure. Legal firms and their clients benefit greatly from the efficiency of a streamlined digital experience. Time and energy can be put towards resolving legal matters for their clients rather than completing paper-laden administrative tasks. And with productivity increased, firms can take on more clients and cases.

In today’s digital world, eSignature is a must-have to remain competitive in the legal industry. These benefits, among many others, support the shift to paperless processes and improves the experience for all involved.



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Maddie Forman

Maddie is a Marketing Coordinator for Nintex based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She joined the Nintex Corporate Marketing and Communications team following the acquisition of AssureSign. Maddie assists in managing Nintex’s social media, creating design assets, and producing customer evidence content.

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