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4 Tips to Boost Sales Performance

As sales leaders, you undoubtedly play a critical role toward the success of your organization.  You are responsible for setting the tone, culture and expectations of the work environment, all the while developing your team’s sales productivity and job performance.  This is an increasingly challenging task in a world where every deal matters and where the pace seemingly speeds up by the hour.

Here are 4 tips that can help you enable and empower your sales team to boost sales performance:

1. Create value, not selling tactics

Customers are more demanding and aware of the competitive landscape. Broad, tactical sales pitches are no longer attractive or effective in closing deals. The key to sales success is creating valuable conversations that help sales reps advance through their sales process with as little friction as possible.  Innovative sales performance technology ensures your salespeople have the right knowledge, at the right time, in the right place, tailored to the needs of the customer.

2. Online application guidance, not sales training

Until recently, most performance management approaches consisted primarily of classroom training programs and eLearning. With both approaches, valuable time is spent NOT selling. To add insult to injury, research has shown 80–90% of learning is lost one month after training. Modern real-time sales performance tools support the user within the work environment so that employees do not have to stop for training every time something is new or changed or forgotten.

3. Simplify complex processes

Increasing organizational complexity, information overload and a 24/7 work environment are contributing factors that overwhelm employees, undermine productivity and contribute to low employee engagement. Recognizing that changes are imminent, organizations are looking for ways to simplify complex or inefficient work practices and systems so that employees can focus on getting the job done, instead of sifting through the details to find what they need. Read more on how to simplify the way we work here.

4. Sustainable change management

Savvy sales leaders realize that what happens after change is just as important as the change itself. A great deal of effort goes into planning and facilitating organizational change, but the problem is thinking that it’s all over once the application has been deployed and training is delivered. Change and adaption is an ongoing process. Companies that pair their change management process with performance support can feel confident that their workforce will continue to perform at the level they expect in order to achieve their business goals.

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