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4 companies reimagining work in an age of disruption

When we look back at 2020 it will be remembered as the age of disruption for organizations and individuals around the world. While there’s been plenty of uncertainty, there have also been many encouraging stories of resilience, innovation, adaptability, and creative thinking that has kept businesses going in challenging times. At Nintex, we’ve been honored to play a leading role in reimagining work for many businesses this year – and we wanted to take this opportunity to share four of our favorite stories.

Managing the Zoom Boom

Earlier this year, the number of new users signing on to the Zoom videoconferencing platform soared at an unprecedented rate. In what’s since been referred to as the ‘Zoom boom’, the number of daily users to the platform soared by 30 times its previous number.

With such a vast influx of new users, Zoom struggled to process new customers with their existing workflows, which were already under strain before the pandemic began. They needed a more robust, scalable solution for processing and tracking channel orders to the point of provisioning.

To do that, they turned to Nintex to build a custom automation solution that integrates with their existing Zendesk and Salesforce-based technology. Now, when new orders are received in Zendesk, the automated workflow automates the entire process and ensures the right customer information is saved in Salesforce once the onboarding is complete. With this in place, the company has vastly scaled up the speed and amount of new orders they can process in a short time.

Lands’ End recreates their orders process

Lands’ End is a US-based company known for its bespoke business apparel, designed for office wear and company events. Historically, they relied on a manual order management process, which meant up to eight weeks’ wait for customer orders’ to be delivered. They soon realized that a new approach was needed.

After choosing Nintex as their chosen vendor, they built a digital process to automate and guide their order processing end to end. It starts with Nintex forms, which automatically records information about the customer’s order as soon as an order is placed.

From there, Nintex Workflow ensures that can be routed to the relevant staff member to approve, and then sent to the manufacturing vendor, who sends the completed order back to Lands’ End. Each step of the process is time-stamped and analyzed, providing a clear data trail from order to delivery.

Over the course of this year, countless organizations have had to rethink their business models to adapt and survive in trying times. Lands’ End managed to create a more efficient, scalable, and resilient process that provides a better level of service to their customers. Now, the number of steps in their workflows has been reduced by 76%, and the solution has provided a return on investment of 120%.

Red River Bank pushes valuable funds to small businesses

Red River Bank is a Louisiana based financial services provider that’s grown substantially over previous years, to become the sixth-largest bank in the state. As they grew over time, however, it became increasingly difficult to onboard new customers in an efficient and scalable way.

During the pandemic, this became increasingly clear, because they couldn’t respond quickly enough to new legislation that affected many of their small business customers. Their existing processes only allowed them to respond a week after the legislation came into effect – which was just far too long if they wanted to remain competitive. Luckily, Aaron Nation (their Vice President and Chief Data Officer) had different ideas.

Combining the potential of Nintex Document Generation, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms, they built an automated workflow to manage their Paycheck Protection Program application processes. In practice, this vastly reduced the time it took to process small business loan applications, meaning Red River Bank’s customers had access to vital funds quicker.

The solution went from concept to being a live working system in the space of just 36 hours, meaning the bank was the first in their region to market PPP loans.

During this age of disruption, Red River Bank responded by getting vital funds to their customers faster than their competitors. Without Nintex and a fundamental change to their business processes, this would never have been possible.

City of Denver responds to emergencies: Virtually

On Friday 13th March 2020, workers at The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) of Denver’s City and County Council went home not knowing they wouldn’t be returning after the weekend. The EOC, made up of 100 employees, had to find a way of staying operational and keeping the public safe without the use of their physical premises. Naturally, this was going to be a challenge – and is a prime example of how reimagining work became a sudden priority for organizations everywhere.

Many of the organization’s processes relied on paper forms being moved from desk to desk around the office. These processes had to go immediately, and they quickly set about building a Nintex Forms-based workflow to replace them. Within days, they replaced 20 forms, a number which rose to over 65 within three months of the shift. This swift and decisive move has allowed them to productive and safe during the pandemic, responding to emergency requests while adhering to remote working measures.

Reimagining work – whatever the future holds

With Nintex, companies around the world reimagining work, finding the tools they need to adapt to a challenging and unpredictable world. By accelerating processes, enabling remote work, and guaranteeing scalability, we’re helping businesses stay on track.

Whether it’s enabling digital forms, document generation, or company-wide automated workflows, Nintex can help your business adapt, improve, and scale its processes no matter what the world throws at you.



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