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3 Workflow Benefits for Both Customers and Partners

DocPoint Solutions is a Maryland-based Microsoft Gold Certified partner with a focus on SharePoint products and solutions. One of the company’s specialties is helping customers new to SharePoint extend it across the enterprise.

A Nintex partner since 2010, DocPoint Solutions won a Nintex Partner Award for Business Excellence in 2013. DocPoint Solutions uses Nintex Workflow to help its clients overcome some of SharePoint’s inherent obstacles. That’s given the company insight into customers’ biggest SharePoint challenges and how automation can result in workflow benefits.

Many DocPoint customers use SharePoint for content management and document capture. Unfortunately, they often find that the out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows are quite limiting, says Michael Raigan, vice president of sales at DocPoint. His team conducts a business analysis for each new client and often finds that workflow automation will be a valuable part of the solution. Nintex Workflow has been “instrumental in solving those customer needs,” he says.

Here are three major benefits that DocPoint sees customers realizing from workflow automation and parallel benefits that DocPoint Solutions experiences as a partner:

1.  Speed

When Michael talks about speed, he’s referring to two things – how quickly customers get up and running with Nintex Workflow, and the speed with which they see their investment in a workflow automation solution pay off. Both are big workflow wins.

Nintex Workflow offers a 70 percent faster learning curve than most workflow products, says DocPoint Solutions President Scott Swidersky. That’s a huge boost to user adoption and means time-pressed organizations can quickly realize benefits from automating their workflows.

When DocPoint team members talk to customers about Nintex, “we talk about speed,” and demonstrating the drag-and-drop functionality is one way to emphasize that. “The interface is so intuitive that they can almost see their return on investment happening before their eyes,” he said. “Most users get up and running quickly, developing simple workflows with minimal training. And to customers, that translates to ‘no downtime,’ which is really meaningful.”

Partner Benefit:

Speed is one of the workflow benefits that helps partners, too. Nintex’s “agility to respond to whatever is happening in the market and respond quickly” is one of the major benefits to companies that partner with Nintex, Michael says. Nintex Workflow Cloud is just one example of Nintex’s many innovations that keep our partners on the forefront of technology.

2.  Integration

Companies want to maximize their technology investments, including their investment in SharePoint and Office 365. Michael appreciates Nintex’s “deep knowledge of the Microsoft platform” and the integration of Nintex Workflow with SharePoint.

“With Nintex, we can offer a best-in-class, easy-to-use workflow solution that helps our customers get more from their ECM deployment – from within their existing SharePoint environment,” said Scott.

Integration also contributes to why workflow automation is quick and easy to learn. When a new investment fits seamlessly with a previously purchased one, the learning curve for employees to  and the easier it is to get employees onboard.

One big consideration when meeting with prospective customers is how to align business requirements and technology to result in workflow benefits.

“When we go back to the enterprise and ask the IT staff how do we align the two and fill the gap, the obvious choice for workflow is  always Nintex because of its ease of integration, it ease of use, its good price point but more importantly, the end user experience works and customers like it,” Michael says.

Partner Benefit:

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms offer big opportunity to partners who want to add value to their existing SharePoint practice. “Any solutions provider with a SharePoint-related offering should definitely look at Nintex,” Scott says.

3.  Opportunity

The “demise” of InfoPath encourages a closer relationship between Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms, Michael says. DocPoint Solutions sees that as providing an opportunity for customers to integrate workflows and forms. Many customers “were concerned about the future” when they first learned that Microsoft wasn’t continuing InfoPath, he adds.

“Because of our relationship with Nintex, we were able to provide our clients with a more stable option for workflow management without skipping a beat,” Scott says. “The Nintex Workflow engine is so powerful, and commitment to partner support is so strong, it’s been a real game-changer for our SharePoint customers – and for us.”

Partner Benefit:

DocPoint increased its revenue by 85 percent with Nintex. As a “true partner” desiring a 50-50 relationship, Nintex wants our partners to succeed, and we strive to provide them with the resources to help them do so, Michael says. “Often times, it’s immediate and it’s concise and we always solve the customer problem and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters,” he says.

To learn more about partnering with Nintex, visit our Partners Program page.

Workflow Benefits = Winning Technology

Workflow benefits result in wins all around. DocPoint’s clients like Nintex Workflow because it’s easy to use, offers great value, and delivers a great user experience. That’s a win.

Nintex Workflow is also an in-house favorite at DocPoint because of the way it integrates so smoothly and seamlessly into client IT infrastructure, and because Nintex is a true 50/50 partner, delivering leads and actively collaborating  to solve customer problems. That’s a win, too.

And we love working with partners like DocPoint. For us, it’s never just a business deal—we get a lot of satisfaction from working with the best and brightest in the industry every day to solve real-world customer problems. Another win.


To learn more about workflow benefits, check out the Nintex Partner: Michael Ratigan of DocPoint video and read the DocPoint Solutions partner case study.

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