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3 Ways to Boost Retail Sales with Performance Support

The other day I received an email from one of my local fashion shops advertising a 20% off sale for a jacket I had eyed during my last visit to the store. Hurray! But upon arrival to the store, my happiness quickly turned to annoyance as: First, while it only took me a minute to grab the jacket, I then stood in line for 15 foot-tapping minutes while the salesperson behind the register struggled to ring up the people ahead of me.  Next, when I finally got to checkout, the sale price didn’t show up and the stumped salesperson fumbled with the system as we waited another 5 minutes for the manager to come help.  And finally, the entire time I stood there in awkward silence while the salesperson avoided making any eye contact.   Sound familiar?

Now I consider myself a loyal customer to this shop but I was disheartened by this experience. What many retailers don’t realize is that these sorts of unfavorable situations can be easily  remedied by implementing performance support software at their Point of Sale (POS). Exceptional service is the key to satisfaction and repeat customers, so here are 3 ways that performance support software can foster an enjoyable and personalized shopping experience while helping sales people to boost sales:

1.  Speed up transaction time for busy customers

It’s safe to say that everyone hates waiting in a long line. In fact, the very sight of 4 or 5 people waiting to checkout is enough to make a person run for the door. Performance support software will decrease the time customers spend at the register by expediting the cash out process while eliminating potential errors by employees. Faster transactions will keep customers smiling while generating more business.

2.  Provide Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Instead of 20 minutes of awkward silence, a confident salesperson would have used the time to suggest accessories that would enhance my purchase or let me know about other special offers.  With a performance support solution in place, cashiers are prompted to turn every transaction into a cross-selling and up-selling opportunity that provides true value for the customer and increases the size of the sale.

3.  Create engagement and drive sales conversations 

The majority of customers will feel better about their experience and rate it higher if you take a genuine interest in them and their well-being.  Instead of wasting time troubleshooting a “glitchy” or complex system, performance support provides real-time guidance and automation so that the salesperson is able to focus on the conversation with the customer. This rapport creates a pleasant and personable experience for both parties and keeps customers coming back for more!

In today’s consumer-centric retail environment, the top priority is to provide customers with the best possible service to meet their needs.  Performance support is an exciting new sales tool that can be used at POS to enhance the customer experience while increasing sales.



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