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3 reasons to start using eSign via text today

2020 has been a year full of the unexpected and unimaginable. However, one theme that likely surprised very few of us was that amid the worst global pandemic of our lifetime, digital innovation and modern technology saved businesses and global markets from absolute turmoil.

COVID placed a spotlight on its ability to keep humans connected and businesses running, with digital transformation at the foundation of driving businesses forward. Specifically, recent advancements in mobile technology over the last few years have paved the way for businesses to achieve novel acceleration and unrivaled streamlining.

Thanks to an evolving mobile technology platform, Nintex AssureSign® empowers businesses like yours to close deals faster by meeting customers where they are with eSign via text. Today, Nintex AssureSign®’s eSign via text solution, the ability to sign documents via SMS/text message, remains the only mobilized signing experience that’s native to an eSignature platform on today’s market.

3 reasons to adopt eSign via text

1. Streamlined compliance

Once you begin using eSign via text, a short code–short digit sequence–is immediately assigned to your Nintex AssureSign® account as your business’s sending proxy phone number. Your documents will always send from this same 5 to 6-digit phone number (which is unique to your organization), regardless of customer, account, cell provider, number of documents, etc. The short code infrastructure, as opposed to that of standard 10-digit proxies, enables Nintex AssureSign® to provide your business with better security along with seamless Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other FCC regulation compliance. Nintex AssureSign®’s alignment with all FCC requirements helps businesses avoid fines that can range from $500 to $1,500 per recipient and message.

2. Verified by audit trail

All eSign via text transactions are backed by Nintex AssureSign®’s court-admissible audit trails. Every audit trail includes a signer’s name, email address, authentication method, public IP address, signing activities, the document’s hash value, and timestamp. The digital audit trail is attached and associated with its respective documents, keeping the integrity of your forms and signatures intact.

3. Enhanced security

Nintex AssureSign®’s security protocols and network are strict and provide security-first controls that guide the full lifecycle of your documents. From secured source code control to security training and testing, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security-guided quality control, continuous system monitoring, and internal management controls – the security of your and your customers’ data is our priority. Our variety of security certifications and adherence to industrial and federal guidelines keep your transactions compliant and legal, no matter your industry.



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