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Make Work Less Work in 2017 with Nintex Workflow Cloud

Ryan Duguid
January 10, 2017

It’s a new year and, indeed, a very exciting time.

Nintex Workflow Cloud™ is our new cloud-first workflow platform that moved in general availability in November; it represents everything we’ve learned here at Nintex over the last decade – and trust me, it’s a lot.

I welcome you to join us for a live webcast on Wednesday, January 18 “New Year’s Resolution: Make Work Less Work with Nintex Workflow Cloud”(register here). Over the course of an hour, we’ll show you how Nintex Workflow Cloud helps transform slow, error-prone processes into automated workflows and will walk you through three unique demo scenarios across business functions.

Nintex Workflow Cloud video

So why did we build Nintex Workflow Cloud?

We built Nintex Workflow Cloud so people don’t have to worry about the minutia of intelligently merging their existing applications and systems – on-premises or in the cloud.

We built it to provide powerful technology that transforms how work gets done.

We built it to make it easier for people to do their jobs.

We built it so Nintex can empower even more users, developers and IT professionals to automate business processes quickly and easily.


What most excites me is that general availability is only the beginning. We will continuously pour more innovation into Nintex Workflow Cloud. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we keep delivering on the Nintex promise of making people more productive by freeing up time for them to work on things that matter most.

Interested in trying it out? I encourage you to sign up for your free trial on Nintex Workflow Cloud and bring your questions to the Q&A session during January 18 Nintex Workflow Cloud webcast.

Nintex Workflow Cloud Webcast



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Nintex Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy Ryan Duguid is responsible for setting product and platform vision, driving continuous innovation, and delivering technology to help everyday people solve their process problems. Ryan joined Nintex from Microsoft, where he was responsible for the content management business in the SharePoint Product Group. Follow him on Twitter @PvtRD