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Meet a Workflow Hero: Jonathan Cortez

May 31, 2016, Author: admin

Workflow hero Jonathan Cortez appreciates the big payoff that can result from planning. He’s passionate about international travel and excitedly plans each trip. That planning plays off when he’s experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and enjoying authentic cuisine, such as the mofongo from Puerto Rico – a dish that […]


7 Similarities Between Football and Business

May 28, 2016, Author: admin

It may go down as Chris Garner’s best second day of work ever. A day that combined football and business. Chris started his new job at Nintex on May 23. The following day, he was “thrilled” to meet Seattle Seahawks General Manager John Schneider during a social hour at Nintex headquarters […]


Business Networking: Pros, Misconceptions & Tips

May 27, 2016, Author: admin

Three professors decided to study business networking after one of them struggled awkwardly to network with other academics. In one of four experiments, the professors asked participants to write down their recollections of either business networking or personal networking. Business or professional networking – which the professors refer to as […]


Expert Tips for Increasing Salesforce Adoption

May 21, 2016, Author: admin

Invest in new technology and your biggest question is likely to be: How do I convince people to use – and even embrace – it? Salesforce is no exception, with Salesforce adoption a top priority for many companies. Encouraging Salesforce adoption is a big part of Peter Chalmers’ job. The […]


3 Ways Low Code Workflow Benefits LoB Leaders

May 17, 2016, Author: Eric Johnson

Line of business leaders are increasingly more involved in technology decisions at their companies. I recently wrote an article for CIO Applications magazine called “Enterprise Workflow Automation: A partnership between LOB and IT Leaders” in which I explore this trend and the role that low code workflow plays in it. […]