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Document Generation

3 Differences of Document Management & Generation

March 31, 2016, Author: Michael Machado

One of our team members took a phone call once from an advisor at one of the largest technology services consulting firms in the United States. His question: “Do you provide document management services?” The answer is “no.” Instead, Nintex Drawloop Document Generation redefines document management and works with traditional […]

How-to, Nintex

CEO Shares 5 Tips for Building Effective Teams

March 24, 2016, Author: John Burton

Whether you’re a C-level executive or a project team lead, building effective teams is essential to your success. You can have top-of-the-line technology, an eager market for your products or services, and the respect of industry leaders, but if you don’t have the right teams in place, innovation can falter […]

Nintex partners

Survey of Channel Partners Finds Challenges, Trends

March 23, 2016, Author: admin

Crucial. Core. Integral. Just a few of the many appreciative words we use to describe our partners. We’re a channel-focused company, which means that our partners work directly with customers to provide them with workflow and document generation solutions. We wouldn’t be able to help our more than 6,000 customers […]


3 Simple Marketing Tools for Tracking Your Efforts

March 18, 2016, Author: Jaana Linsenmayer

Last year, Microsoft conducted a study and discovered that since the year 2000 (around the start of the mobile revolution) the average attention span decreased 33% – dropping from 12 seconds to eight seconds. That makes choosing the right marketing tools more important than ever. While the digital age improves […]


Project Management Made Easy with a Workflow Boost

March 16, 2016, Author: Patrick Hosch

Every day, teams all over the world tackle project management tasks. Whether they’re in marketing, engineering, HR or operations, team members often find themselves looking after a campaign, project or process from Point A to Point B, with varying results. For many companies, project management still isn’t a formal process. […]