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2016 InspireX Conference Attendees Share Why to Go

Last year around this time, we were planning the InspireX conference, our first big event for customers and partners. We didn’t know quite what to expect from InspireX but we were excited about offering a conference focused on all things Nintex.

After the success of that first conference, we couldn’t wait to do it all over again. Registration is open for the 2nd Annual InspireX conference, which will be Feb. 13-15, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Just like last year, we’re looking forward to providing you with a dedicated conference for the Nintex platform where you’ll learn how-tos, hear product announcements and gain access to dozens of Nintex experts all in one place.

Visit our InspireX conference web page videos and slides of sessions and other conference details.

Below are the top five reasons attendees of InspireX 2016 shared on why you won’t want to miss this year’s conference.

1.  Hear Inspiring Stories

Nintex Techincal Enablement Manager Sean Fiene remembers looking around at the InspireX conference and being excited by what he saw – engaging conversations.

All around him, customers from every industry and partners from around the globe were talking. Over breakfast. In the hall before sessions. At the conference’s networking events.

Attendees shared their best practices, their challenges and their success stories.

They spoke about how Nintex helps their companies digitally transform. They talked about become more productive. They shared their excitement about increasing their engagement with customers. Watching those conversations take place was “really inspiring,” Christian says.

“One of our customers from Canada told me that Nintex runs their entire business,” he says. “Their industry was suffering because of some economic challenges. Because of Nintex, their business is performing really, really well. They’re keeping jobs and they’re beating their competition.”

2.  Get Your Questions Answered

Rebecca Zey, Development/Business Systems Analyst at Hines Commercial Real Estate, arrived at InspireX 2016 with questions. At her company, the Human Resources department uses Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to automate personnel authorization forms, and Finance uses them to automate payroll processes.

Between 3,500 to 4,000 people use the company’s team sites and most touch Nintex forms in some way. Nintex Mobile enables them to respond to a request or approve a request from their tablets or phones while looking at properties overseas.

While the Customer Support is available, and the Nintex Connect community provides a forum for asking questions and helping answer others’ questions, there’s nothing like face-to-face help, Rebecca says. She enjoyed being able to ask Ninsters working the Nintex Support Desk at the InspireX conference and get fast answers or be told, “These are the things you need to do. This is why it’s not working.”

“To be sent back with homework and go and do, and then come back and have that follow-up has been absolutely amazing,” Rebecca says. “It’s probably the best conference I’ve ever been to. Everybody from Nintex has been wonderful to talk to and work with.”

3.  Meet People Who Understand You

PIMCO SharePoint Architect Eric Halsey considers himself “the champion of Nintex in our organization.” Business users approach his group with requests for processes they want automated. He says he enjoys the “immediate” benefits those users realize from workflow automation.

The InspireX conference provided him with a chance to be around other Nintex customers who get his on-the-job challenges and triumphs. He also enjoyed chatting with Nintex product team members, community leaders and partners between sessions and at the networking events.

“It’s been great to be able to sit down with the different constituents and be able to talk to them and learn about what they’re using Nintex for and also to be able to share some of the pain points that I’ve had and actually have someone listen and say, ‘Here’s my email. If you run into any more problems, I’ll look into that for you,’ ” Eric says. “It’s been fantastic.”

4.  Enjoy A Deep Dive Into All Things Nintex

Andrew Glasser, Principal Consultant at partner Intellinet and a virtual Technical Evangelist (vTE) for Nintex, attends numerous conferences each year, mostly centered on SharePoint.

One of his favorite things about InspireX is that the focus is on Nintex, rather than Nintex being part of a SharePoint conference.

At the conference, attendees learn about Nintex’s roadmap; hear about the latest product releases and features; gain valuable how-tos, tips and best practices; and meet some of the friendly faces behind the company.

“I think the biggest benefit from coming to InspireX was really learning about Nintex, the company itself, rather than just how Nintex was aligned with SharePoint,” Andrew says, “and getting some visibility into how Nintex works and the direction that the company is going.”

He was especially excited to learn the ways that Nintex is staying on the leading edge of things, such as with Workflow as a Service™ and with using Zapier to kick off workflows using external start capability in Nintex Workflow.

5.  Leave With Information You Can Put to Use Immediately

We’ve all been to one of those conferences where you’re excitedly jotting down ideas of how you can put the information you’re learning into action in your organization.

It’s what all conferences aspire to be and the first InspireX achieved that, according to Paul Rawlins II, Business Intelligence Supervisor and SharePoint Administrator at Great Southern Bank.

We spoke with Paul at InspireX and he called Nintex Workflow “our most important application within SharePoint” and the insights gained at the conference “priceless.”

“Coming to this conference is obviously very important for us because of the information that we can get back,” he says. “This conference is very much driven around expanding the knowledge with Nintex and things that you can set up within there. The information we’ve gained just today on the new features to come was extremely beneficial.”



We hope to see you at the 2017 Nintex InspireX Customer and Partner Conference!


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